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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


Hmmm, what radio are you using? I’d say let’s configure an idle up switch if you can. A devo goes from -100 to +100 and will just start to spin the motors at about -80 I think. Set that point as the lowest point reached at the bottom of a linear throttle curve. Then give it a fly. If it still wants to climb something is definitely wrong. Then I would try the pids above from my 6mm setup - and if that still doesn’t work I can recommend a different combination of filtering and pids to see if it’s tune related at all.

Make sure your props aren’t rubbing or bent first - they look OK but your camera angle might be tricking my eyes.


I’ve been using the Taranis X9D + with the iRange IRX4 multi-module. I also have a Devo 7E with the 4-in-1. I tried both radios, the performance is similar. On a fresh battery, it is impossible to keep the quad from climbing. Any attempt at reducing throttle enough to hold a stable hover results in killing the pid loop and dropping to the floor… Once the battery is about mid charge to empty I can almost hold a hover.
Let me try those PIDs real quick and get back to you.


@NotFastEnuf The 6mm PIDs did it for me. Can actually control on low throttle and hover. Not sure if I or D is the culprit and I don’t have much time to fiddle now. I’ve never had these feedback skyrocket pid issues before so it’s all new to me.
Thanks for your help!


Great! The 6mm pids are flyable for sure on 7mm. Depending on your style they might be just fine. Let me know how they work out after some stick time and then we can try to push up to find the usable limit. I can walk you through it if you want to try. At least now you know what to look for if D is too high! :smile:


Hi there !
Here I am on the way to solder the GND, DAT, and CLK pads on the E011 that I received few weeks ago (I know I arrive late as I don’t take so much time on soldering these days…)
I have already used the silverXXX hack on green mini H8 and it was terrible nice.

@NotFastEnuf which silverXXX formware should I use today?
I am little lost in the RC group thread. Note I will fly with my taranis same as @littlrussian

Thanks a lot to you guys for your work on that E011 acro !


If you fly acro … I suggest my version of acro only posted early in this thread. Of you need level mode, then the performance in acro is poor.


Post number 24


Thank ! I only fly acro so I have loaded your linked firmware but no time to flash last night…

Fo information i soldered 3 wires on CLK - DAT - GND pads in the middle of the board to a 3 male pin header connector but today I saw the clever previous post of @burtlo that has used the vias at the front of the board ! This is a good idea and much easier to handle

Are the 2 options correct ?


EDIT: I was wrong!!! Pins are correct, pads are reversed.

I had said:

I believe the E011 board has correctly marked pads, so you do NOT have to switch any wiring, like you did with the “H8 Mini blue” boards.


I don’t know if big pad labels are reversed or not…
I will test tonight and tell you. I couldn’t test last night as it was something like 2 AM and i needed to reach my bed :smiley:


I can confirm that the big pads were swapped on the E011. At least I swapped mine and flashing was successful.


If I recall correctly the pads are backwards but the connector is correct.


That sounds right to me… that information is documented in the beginning of this thread. My buddy Canino made this video for us on it after we worked together to get him flashed.


Read the entire thread. Looks so awesome I’ll probably switch to the E011 frame and 7 mm motors!

Just some quick questions:

Will the 7mm motors work with my Acrowhoop V2 or will the FET burn?

Will my Acrowhoop V2 fit the frame since I read that it’s the same size as the E010 frame?

Are the props larger than the e010 props?

Will the gains described in this post work with my Acrowhoop V2?

Is it true that if I want to use other 7mm I will have to cut the frame?


The acrowhoop will handle the 7mm motors no problem.
The acrowhoop should fit, though there may be some modification necessary for USB access, nothing a file or utility knife can’t fix.
Prop size is identical, duct diameter is the same as stock inductrix and so is motor to motor distance.
The PIDs in this thread are specifically for the silverxxx firmware which is not directly translateable to betaflight pids.
Any 0716 motors should fit fine. If you want to use 0720 motors you will have to cut the base off the motor mounts or you will have the props above the ducts.


If I cut off the base of the motor mounts it will stick out 4 mm which is quite a lot and probably take a beating when I crash (I’m sure I will crash lol)

I don’t really see many vendors for 0716 motors. I wonder why Eachine selected that over the 0720 ones…

What’s the normal shipping cost from MMW to East Coast USA? It’s probably a lot right?

Any discounts for buying in bulk say 20+ motors?


Be aware 0716 motors also have a different shaft diameter (0.8mm) so they can fit standard whoop props. 0720 motors have a 1mm shaft diameter so they cannot fit standard whoop props and as such are not suited for the e011 frame.

*the 0716 motor is fairly new to the scene, I’ve never seen them before e011 popped up.


Shipping isn’t that expensive, I’m sure if you hit up @Benedikt he can work something out.
Also, stock e011 motors, while not up to par with MMW motors, are available from banggood. I found stock motors to give a better flying experience than most 6mm setups (excluding > 19000kV which i have never tried).
They just handle the extra weight much better.


Anyone try the Eachine E011 from banggood? Did it come in okay or bent frame?


Banggood is the primary dealer of the E011. Usually the RTF quad comes packaged well inside a cardboard box. No issues with the frame. If you order just the the frame, however, it is shipped in a soft package and can arrive in a variety of states - Schroedinger’s shipping. As mentioned before, a short boil straightens them right up.