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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


New one on the scene. Hard to tell if it’s gonna be good for us or not. 716 motors 60k rpm. No official data on prop size or craft diameter - only a rough translation that maybe they increased the blade pitch. It was mentioned by bg that the protocol is the same as the e010 on rcgroups but we will have to wait and see.

Your tiny whoop weight grams?
Which FC for a Rotorious Spark 70 frame?

Tmart boldclash states 105mm in the description.


Well now, that looks like fun.
I like the Lego figure battle concept too.
At 17 bucks on Banggood, I’ll try one!


I may have some 7mm motors laying around

Eachine E011 Mini 2.4G Headless Mode With 60000RPM 716 Coreless Motor Toy Brick RC Quadcopter RTF


Someone just corrected me elsewhere that the boldclash version is 64mm. Maybe the 105 spec I saw was from edge of duct to duct diagonally. I’m still holding off for confirmation on devo compatible protocol.


Ok not a big Eachine fan but as a HEMA practitioner they had me at knights!


Joust, whoop style!!


That’s a great idea - I would definitely participate in whoop combat if there were such a gathering.


Well ordered an e011 today … for science. Some reports of 5 min + fpv times. Going to see if the makerfire board blows it’s fets on 7mm.

Curiosity wouldn’t have been enough if it wasn’t in the usa warehouse


E011 arrived today. Not much time to sort out setup but it does take off with bayang protocol on my devo. Funny it flips when you push past half stick and yaw rate seems low. It will be getting a makerfire transplant anyway. Definitely seems punchy. Hard to compare without adding a camera but reminds me of insane 6mm


Pics of the FC, if you can?


Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies

They really just scaled the E010 by 116.667%?


I suspect this one will be silverized if it’s not already with the tempting ports up front for hacking. Who knows, maybe it will be the new go to hacked acro whoop fc. I need to get over to the silverxxx thread on rcgroups! Still putting a makerfire in this … but not going to throw out the fc!


Looks like the boldclash version has already been silverized and the e011 board will take the same modified cg023 based code with a different hardware.h file but may possibly need some of the motor locations reassigned. No successful record as of yet on the e011 being flashed but the experts think it should be possible. Silverxxx said to follow the procedure for flashing the h8 blue board but with the cg023 code and the hardware.h file linked below if I understand correctly.


I’m going to try but will transplant the board into a 6mm whoop. The power of these 7’s deserves a full betaflight f3 board. Gotta say I’m more excited about whooping again!


Whoop with POWER certainly appeals! I may have to get one too, and put an eachine tiny+frsky XM in there.

So many things I want to spend money on right now!


I’ve already performed a makerfire transplant. Acro and punch feels very similar to 6mm 19600kv motors. Recovery actually suffers a bit from an insane 6mm setup from the additional weight but it’s very close. Flew hard for 4:37 outside pushing a lot of full throttle and ripping flips and rolls at speed. That’s nice!! I’m done with insane 6mm builds now. You get a whole frame, battery, props and motors for about the same price as a top quality set of 6mm. Better flight time too. And if we get silverware going… well I need not say more

Behavior is still very whoopish. (To be expected). No chance on recovery from big dives without transitioning in some forward speed. Pitch axis wanders a bit with throttle punches no matter how high you crank I gain. If you slam into a turn banked instead of flat, it will lose it in its own prop wash. It basically feels exactly like the best whoop I’ve ever built in 6mm - but it flies longer! Not too shabby!

I also tried a 150 45c pack paired with 2 blade props. Felt about the same as it did with the big battery. You can hear the motors spin faster, and it makes a little less thrust I’m sure but paired with a 150 it is much lighter and still felt just as punchy as a heavy 4 blade setup. Flew for 3 min in that configuration. Curious what it will feel like with big battery and 2 blades. That’s next…


Hard to argue with 4.5 minutes of novelty insane type flying!
Ordered one of these for my dad’s birthday.

Next question for the E011 is how it likes Kado’s or MMW wild 7mm motors!


Remember these are 716’s with a .8 shaft not 720’s. However a small slice to the motor saddle and you could put any 7 you want in there if you can find props or cut some down. I think battery capacity would be the limiting factor then. It’s well balanced as is, nice fly time - good power. I don’t think there is enough blade area to go any faster - it already is fast enough to find the limits of what these tiny blades can handle in recovery from hard maneuvers. Who knows… I’m sure we’ll find out cause someone is gonna do it.

Side note… successfully flashed silverware. There is a file for the bold clash bwhoop. It’s not standard open micro cg023 or the h8 blue code. Unfortunately I’m getting an error code for missing gyro so we will see what silver suggests next.


I’ll be trying it eventually. Probably drill those props out and see what happens when you spin them faster.
That won’t be happening to Dad’s though, that’ll have to be mine sometime in the future when I buy one for myself :smiley: