E010S setup question


Yeah, he was pretty close though… trying to keep it as simple as possible.


First thing we are going to change is the proportional, integral, and derivative values for roll pitch and yaw.



Set them as follows

80 45 45
100 45 45
180 45 0

Edit - just noticed…
Change your pid controller to lux float - you’ll probably have to re enter those values!
Make sure level strength value stays at 20 when you make that change too.



Update pitch integral and derivative values to 45
You missed those. (Good job posting screen shots)



Great, post another shot of your receiver tab if you don’t mind… something I want to check


Transmitter is on.


Calling for help here… I haven’t used cleanflight in years…

@Chaotix, should his stick min and max values be changed to 1000 and 2000 now that we remapped rc range?


Once Steve chimes in, you may need to change that.

In the mean time, go copy and paste this into the cli like before and type save again.

set max_angle_inclination = 350


That’s going to limit you to a 35 degree bank angke. Good for a beginner


OK It’s Done!


On cli type dump rates and screen shot for me



Ok. Go back to pid tab and change roll, pitch, and yaw rates to about 50. These values YOU should change till it moves as responsive as you like after flying. Change them 10 at a time till you dial it in.


Go fly and have fun. If I was wrong about pitch direction, reverse it in your transmitter. If @Chaotix tells you to change those values in your receiver tab - update that later too. I think I’m turning you loose here. Remember you have to yaw right to arm and take off in about 3 seconds or it will probably disarm back off for safety


rates seem to be 0.0 to 1.00 Cannot enter 50.


Thanks a lot. I appreciate your assistance.


Use .5 Instead Of 50
It will show up on cli as 50 when you dump rates.
Please report back on any possible success getting in the air