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E010 with TinyF3 and Chaoli motors (Banggood), little punch


I recently build a ChinaWhoop. I have the E010 frame and props, the TinyF3 and the Chaoli 615 motors all from Banggood. As a receiver I have the DasMikro for FlySky and a Eachine TX-01 AIO camera (with a linear antenna). I tried the stock battery, a 260mah 30C Flueon battery (http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopter-parts/pp_260126.html) and a 200mah 30C induktrix lipo from a friend.
While it flies ok, the punch is rather low. A friend has the Chaoli motors from dronejunkies.co.uk with the original Induktrix board, and while in theory they should be the same KV rating (~14000), his has considerable more punch.
Are the Banggood Chaoli motors just not the same, or it the TinyF3 the culprit?
I tried different motor_pwm_settings. With 4000 (recommended for the BeeBrain) it feels a little better than with 32000. I calculated according to a formula I found here in the forum (I do not remember where) that 12950 should be “correct” for 14000KV. That did not make any difference as far as I could tell. However, with anything below 22000, there is a high pitched “feeping” sound. With 32000, it feels as if the battery drains faster, so I kept it at 4000 for now.
Does anybody else have a similar experience?


The banggood motors are likely not as fast. Probably 11000 kV or less. If you want to go fast get these https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/frontpage/products/cl-0615-19
There’s nothing faster then that for the whoop.


Thanks for the info, bangood says it’s 55000rpm rated @ 3.7V (http://www.banggood.com/4X-Chaoli-CL-615-6x15mm-Coreless-Motor-for-90mm-130mm-DIY-Micro-FPV-Quadcopter-Frame-Blade-Inductrix-p-1074157.html?rmmds=search) which would be ~14800KV, but I already thought it might be “chinese marketing”. But then I thought, if it’s a genuine Chaoli, it could actually be the true.
How limited is the insane motors’ lifetime? Maybe I will go for the 17000KV motors at some point.


The Bnaggood Chaoli 615 motors perform about the same as the MMW -14 motors which means they’re not going to be all that great for hauling around FPV gear:



Mmw motors are a bit different from other chaoli motors and are made more specifically for quads. You’ll get more heat with performance but not terribly worse life. You should get at least 150 2min flights though them.


Thanks for the infos and the link to the rcgroups topic. I had not found that one before (only an rather old topic about the 820 motors), that is some very useful information.

EDIT: I just realized, it’s actually your test @ScottAllyn and only two days old. Great work, very informative.


Thanks. Most of the data is actually older than that. It was just two days ago that I put it into a new thread so that I could split the data into multiple posts instead of one really long, hard to manage, post. I do update the data regularly, tho.


I think there are two different Chaoli 0615’s, 55000 and 59000. The latter should be 16KV.