Ducted nano brushless

now that 7 mm brushless motors are on the market, my dream is an indoor ducted brushless F36.

Using this kit:

And a real ducted frame, like the Furibee F36. For “ducted” I mean a real duct effect which raise lift by 15…20%. All circular props protections frames AREN’T real ducted. See this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cew5JF8q6eY .

So, missing, at the moment, are:

  1. One mm larger brushless motor frame
  2. Brushless FC with F36 form factor, like Beecore, Acrowhoop and similar.

I’m waiting.

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Me too!
But would you use that esc? Did I read it right, 1S?

Yes. 10kv brushless means 40.000 rpm on 1s. Using triblades should be ok.

For indoor use, 1S is more sweet and controllable.

I imagine 1s escs mounted below the motors (in the space where the brushed can would normally go). A 3d printed plug to shove in the 6mm hole and mount the motor. Any brushed fc with the right for factor could be adapted to work just by tapping into the signal pad driving the mosfets. We could almost use current frames with minor mods to get escs below the motors or the 16x16 (20x20 true form factor) 1s 4in1 esc below the fc in a diamond config.

Only hang up is that the motors on top of the mounts would cause the props to be above the ducts I think.

But we have to be getting closer to this!

There’s a 4in1 ESC in the kit I have linked in first post.

That should fit under the canopy. The real issue is the motor mount.

Btw, I mentioned the F36 frame because it’s not normal plastic, it’s like gum. My F36 based whoop is indestructible, really!

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Isn’t there a 1s brushless banggood quad that hangs the motor can underneath ( shaft is reversed ). That mounting configuration may work with the right 3d printed part to plug the 6mm motor hole. That would put props right where they belong. The shaft on the 0703 looks long enough for that to work if we push it out the bottom then turn the whole operation upside down.

I’d love to see someone test these motors on 4 blade whoop props … for science. Curious if they can beat the 17g thrust benchmark of insane 6mm brushed.


…but sadly I can’t do the testing