Dual plugs


I’m likely going to get some eye rolls and face palms but here it goes…

I came across this battery

This prompted two questions.

  1. Could I charge this with my HTRC X4 Micro via the micro plug and run my quad with the jst (would this give better performance)?

  2. If a battery can have dual plug types, can the same be done on a quad to run either a 1s battery with the micro plug or a jst?


Short answer, yes and yes.
Question1) It may have been designed for just that.
Q2) have seen two plug types on fc’s in the past, but mostly before the PH2.0 became the standard for whoops.

Performance and the JST, i believe it can handle more current than the micro losi and have a more secure connection. I used to have a link to a spreadsheet someone smarter than me put together. It was shared here prob two yrs ago. It had all the plug types and their specs. So I’m going from memory on this one. Now I’ll be the one to get the rolling eyes, but I fly all my 2S w the red JST. Never made the switch to the xt30, for 2S.


That’s good to know. I am working up to better batteries but I don’t want to write off my current ones until they give up the ghost and if I can do so without having to loose the charger, all the better.


Going to be testing out an idea on this subject tomorrow.

I ordered these batteries

(tossing the charger)

and had the thought that I could swap out the stock plug to a JST for use on these new batteries and could use the jumpers for the old style plug batteries until they croak.