Drones/Quadcopters 101 : A 'Brown-Bag' presentation to software engineers

Just thought I’d share. We’re getting a lot of people excited!!

I’m an Software Engineer for a pretty awesome company in Chicago : Slalom Consulting. There are a couple people in the office that have built hobby grade quads and a lot of people that are interested but just don’t know where to start. So a colleague/buddy of mine did a ‘Brown Bag’ lunch presentation on the basics of Quad-copters. (See Videos Below Post)

We are doing a Part II with a deeper dive into FCs and Receiver protocols, Motors vs Props, and ESCs. Also, I’ve gotten approval to do a part III where we do a quick build (expensed, of course :slight_smile: ). I’m thinking of doing a china-whoop, BeeBrain, HvLiPo build… with some screaming @Benedikt motors and high voltage batt lead modifications.

Also, on Friday’s at work we have something called ‘Friday’s @ 4’. At 4pm they pretty much tell us to stop working and go have fun. We have an Arcade Cab with thousands of classics, XBox, PS4, Shuffleboard, Double Kegs in the kitchen, plus more (I’m constantly WHOOPIN’ around the office). All on the 51st floor overlooking downtown Chicago. (See Videos Below Post)

Presentation: (Disclaimer: This is a very high level view, there are a lot of details we left out and could have gone into a lot more detail. Hence… 101)

Friday’s @ 4!! (Disclaimer, this was a low powered whoop and one of my first missions in the office. I have some better footage to come. :slight_smile: )


What an awesome job/company you have!!
All I got were bitchen and moaning when I whooped at work. (On a Saturday when the place was half empty) about the heaters and whatnot and breaking stuff. With a 28g plastic toy? Really?

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Right my place of work(auto repair facility) is the same way whooping not welcome. I need to find a job like that !!! we knock off 15min early but that’s to clean up lol