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DRL Simulator and Bud Light sponsorship!


Today the Drone Racing League, a league that has a deal with ESPN to broadcast races this season, launched a drone racing simulator game.

And perhaps even more interesting, the league will be teaming up with Bud Light to host Drone Racing League tryouts on the simulator, with the winner receiving a $75,000 contract to compete in the 2017 season.


I love all of these willy wonka style golden ticket opportunities going on for quad racing! it’s so cool to see this all blowing up so fast…

I dont think I will participate though. Too much pressure lol! I like flying for fun, I can only imagine the stress racing can add to this already semi stressful hobby. lol


I think I could place in the top 15,000 racers
Maybe the top 20k
Right behind that 12yr old

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Welcome to the beta of the DRL FPV Simulator. Our simulator is designed to work with a FrSky® Taranis X9D transmitter, a popular and race-capable device.

Im out, dx6i, that 12yr is lucky, i was gunning for him!

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Ohhh… that sucks.
I’m going to fire it up tonight and give it a shot.

[edit] Oh, and sponsorship is cool, but I really don’t want to be associated with Bud Light.
Bud Light === :poop:


Spektrum never seems to be included in stuff like this… from all of the simulators ive seen It’s always geared towards the taranis, without even the tiniest thought of the spektrum fans…

Also, @befreestudios I agree. Bud light isn’t that great…


It works with my Devo 10!

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Bud Light sponsorship would probably not be ideal since I work for a craft brewery…plus I don’t have a Taranis. I’m out!


Has anyone been playing this simulator? I just downloaded it and realized how bad of a pilot I am :rofl: I’m spending all of my time in freestyle mode just trying to learn acro… I’m no where ready for racing, but it looks like you may be able to make your own group to race… I’m using my DX6 with a simulator cable. There are a few wireless options for Spektrum as well.

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I remember when this? one came out, has it changed? I thought no spectrum support. I’ll have to look again


They seem to want to support Taranis, but I have no issue with Spektrum as long as you have a way to connect it to your pc. I bought a simulator cable awhile back that plugs into the trainer port. Only thing I can’t seem to do is get switches working, but the only reason for switches is to reset after a crash. I just use a keyboard key for now.


To add, Le Drib posted a video highlighting the process he followed to setup a DX6 to use in the DRL simulator. I just tried it today with my xbox 360 controller and egads am I horrible. I think I fly the real thing much better…need to see if I can get my 9XR Pro hooked up.

See his notes here:
Le Drib - DRL settings for Spektrum

While I love racing, I’m light years away from being competitive…hahaha.