Last year I took the leap from brushed to brushless and capped my size limit at 3" and have enjoyed flying them but have been limited on my ability to fly them for a number of reasons, lack of good location, weather, not having raceband so only flying when I can squeeze in when no one else is flying, etc. I have spent more time charging and storing my lipos than I have been able to actually use them in flight.

In comparison, I have flown my Beta65, TW Nano, Boss and Boss Whoop more times than I can count, in more locations than I can count and with the number of people I can count on one hand.

So I have come to the decision that I will be selling my 3" builds and reinvesting the money into the rigs I am currently flying as well as stepping into the world of Silverware.

Just thought I would share.


Good on you for making that decision, @SinisterLefty! Couldn’t have been an easy call to make.

I feel like many of us just keep buying more and more stuff, and rarely make an effort to thin out our fleet. I recently lined up all of the quads I have along my hallway wall and counted over three dozen frames. A majority of them I never built up, some are works in progress, and a few are in flyable condition. I keep them all because I am attached to them, and feel like I wouldn’t get much money if I tried to sell off stuff. Same with boxes of unused and outdated spare parts. I also hold out hope that maybe one day, I’ll be able to live and fly in the countryside, instead of in the middle of the godforsaken no-fly zone that is our nation’s capital.

I really wish I had just two or three smallish quads, which I would fly a lot more often than my current collection, ideally every day of the week. Maybe some day, when life doesn’t get in the way. :wink:

PS: If “downgrading” helps you to fly more easily and more often, it’s really an upgrade. Simplify, simplify, simplify! :smile:

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I certainly understand the not getting what you put in thought, it was the source of one of the ideas I had with The Kwad Co-Op was to see about going 501c3 status to give tax deductible option to donating working parts, unfortunately that is to the tune of $850, well beyond my meager means.

I feel, in a way, like I put my money to waste on a paper weight. I’m heading to IO next week, so with some luck I can sell them there.

Love my brushed builds too! Just don’t have the time to fly the bigger builds.
I agree if it helps you fly more… it’s an upgrade.

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