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Promoting the new SILVERWARE NFE while the Hype is on Brushless !

Father and Son #rchobby


It’s been a year since I took up this hobby, and looking back on that time I have learned many things, such as

I fly for my enjoyment and have as much fun with the 720 Boss and my whoop as I do with the 3 inchers but with some big (at least to me) differences;

A lower build/repair cost/repair time - crashing is less costly, less to go wrong and having pnp parts = less downtime = more flying.

Greater portability/flexibility - 14 1S can fill the space of 2 3S and flight times are about the same = more batteries/kwads in my pack = longer flying time and more diversity of places to fly.

Less set-up time - not as many things to have to check before flying = more flying.

micro brushless going pnp is a big plus and I will someday, after supply exceeds demand, own an M7, but I am in no hurry.


You are completely right ! This is why we love this Hobby and this MMW community ! No need to get the high end hyped stuff like on bigger quad !