Micro Motor Community

Donations welcome!


Hello my friends,

this lovely place of discourse keeps growing,
and despite hitting the traffic roof of the current plan a few times,


the lovely people of discourse.org have not charged me the next tier yet.


but I assume this wont be far away…

If you feel like donating a few bucks to help me foot the monthly forum bill, I have configured a subscription plan for a small monthly donation. You can choose between the $2 lite, $5 serious or $10 Hardcore plan.

Every hard-earned dollar and friendly bump of this thread is most appreciated!

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I will make a dontion.
How about adding some marketing space in the forum?
Ofcourse i dont really want that and im hoping there will be donations to cover the costs. But if not, maybe it can be a smart move.


One serious edition headed your way.
I REALLY like it here and really appreciate the lack of ads!


i’m not flush but I think I can spare a few bucks.

@Bobnova I have also always like the non commercial/add filled aspect of it here.

The thing that has always been nice about this forum is that every one here is basically genuine and passionate. It would be sad if we attracted the masses of trolls and unhelpful people that reply to genuine questions with “google it”.


Don’t get me wrong, i love the platform as it is and adds would be a last resort, if its a case of survival i rather have adds than no MMC forum.

Why would adds attract asholes and trolls, or did i misinterpret?


Not directed at your comment mate.

I just don’t want that to happen here…

As for adds. I kinda agree that it could work but I would want it segregated into some sort of vendor offers category, and stay there, I am sure that most of us would check it out, and generate plenty of traffic, but I just don’t want banners and pop ups on every thread pushing random crap.


Thanks a lot to everyone who is throwing in a few dollars.
I could move to a cheaper platform, but the forum engine is doing a awesome job at keeping it civilized.
This forum will remain free of sponsored “content”, and your contribution supports this!



I hope we are doing okey @Benedikt?


Ha, thanks :wink:
We have two subscriptions so far, one for $2/month, one for $5.
I can see only their Paypal names, so Ed and Niklas, if you could out yourself here, Id love to praise you for your kind donation!


Ed here, love the site, love the discord, love the streams when they happen, love the motors.

Stay awesome!


I pledge to jump in too. This is a worthwhile cause and a community experience that I value. Thank you @Benedikt


@Animalistik Good on you for bumping this thread!

@Benedikt Any chance you could offer an annual payment option? I’d rather pay $25 once a year than have 12x $2 charges.


Niklas, thats me! Not that id expect anything else than a good community in return for my modest donations.
I just really want this place to stay alive :slightly_smiling_face:


Ben, I put it on my last order, and I even FB you about it to see if it worked, cause its on the receipt but nothing seemed to have happened…

I’ll just do it again…


Done…seems it didn’t like being put on with a purchase for some reason…Or it was just me being drunk…who knows.

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I like that kind of long-term thinking :wink:
Added three annual options!

Thank you to @Bobnova and @Animalistik for starting the trend!
The recent activity here sparked another three subs, and we have @JG, @NotFastEnuf and Kenneth as new member in the club of kind donators.

So far the subscriptions are paying for $16 of the $120 monthly bill.


I would also like to contribute but could not find the annual options. Are they live already?


Oh, I had to copy the code and put it on the site too, doh!
Now the other options are live too:


Can you have another look @Benedikt? All annual links are sending me to a blank page on both Chrome and Safari (iphone).

Also there is a typo on Hardcore annual option I guess.

Bugs? :thinking: