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Do the edges of this Fatshark HD3 look blurry?


Thinking about buying a Fatshark HD3. Seller posted this pic.

Do the edges of the screen look blurrier than normal? I read that some HD3 had defective screens and some were sharp. I don’t have any goggles to compare against other than my EV800s.



I’ve only heard that a person’s eyes are what make the edges blurry. I could be wrong, though, and the screen be defective. The consensus I got from RCG and reddit was that it was the camera and/or the goggle FOV. Where did you get your info?


I got my info from RCGroups. But I just skimmed the main HD3 post since it was 300+ pages long.


I think those screens are probably just fine. I don’t see any sunspots, which would be actual damage to the LCD screen itself.

The optics on these goggles have to pull off a pretty tough trick. You only get good focus when your eyes are lined up perfectly and the right distance away from the screens. Not everyone’s eyes are the same distance apart. I have HD1’s which have an even wider FOV than the HD3’s and I find that if they shift even a milimeter off-center, I lose a bit of focus.

Consequently, it’s tough to get a perfectly-focused photo of the LCD’s. The seller did a pretty good job of capturing a decent image. I’ve seen a lot worse.


Yeah blurry edges are a function of the magnification of the fov and your eyes. The larger the fov magnification … the more likely you are to get edges that just don’t come into focus due to the optics. I fly special editions… they had the biggest fov of all. Edges are blurry as heck for my eyes. But the screens appear huge and I don’t use osd so I don’t really notice and I’m happy as heck with the big screen. Lol. I can add diopters to change the optics and it all comes into better focus but strains my eyes so I don’t. Also using the thinner foam pad gets my eyes close enough to focus the edges. That’s the challenge with this stuff … you just don’t know till you try them on if they work with your eyes. Try to find someone that has a set. Try them out first.