Do connectors wear out first or battery?

I’ve been lurking for a while and now that I have my own Tiny Whoop, I thought I’d post.

I’m using Micro JST Crazepony 220mAH 3.8 HV Lipos. I am also using 17000KV 6mm Crazepony motors. I’ve already logged 2 hr flight time and I’m hooked!

I have a couple questions for when these components wear out.

  1. Which lasts longer, the battery charge life or the connectors?

  2. Will the female Micro JST on my flight controller wear out also or just the male end on the batteries?

  3. What is the connector lifetime for JST PH vs Micro JST, and is it worth switching?

  4. If I want long lasting batteries, preferably with a decent flight time, do you guys have any suggestions as to brand, connector, C rating, and mAH?

  5. This may be slightly off topic, but I read somewhere that lower KV motors last longer, so if my Tiny Whoop weighs 30 g with battery and cam, what KV motors would be good for medium speed flight? I don’t need to be zipping around at 20 degrees lol.

Thanks guys!

Hey @Imozeb
Glad you’re here
So I’m no whoop expert, but I have build 5 or 6.
I’ll give you my experience and opinions

  1. I have read that these batteries have around 100 charge cycles, the original connectors, micro jst 1.25, have around 30.

  2. the female micro jst on your FC has male pins inside where the male connectors have female crimps. It’s been my experience that the female crimps wear out. A cheat I learned before switching to PH 2.0 connectors is to tin the male crimps w solder for a temporary fix.

  3. I don’t have any hard data on PH 2.0 longevity, but when I switched it was a noticeable difference.

  4. long lasting as in cycles? 100 Is good for a few bucks. Flight time is a function of your build, the lighter it is, the efficiency of your motor/prop combo all play a role. The Chief Scientist has a video of his 5min Whoop. Yea, 5 minutes!

  5. lower kv motors use less energy therefore all else equal flight times are extended. 30g is a solid Whoop, I’ve seen 19g in extreme builds. Mine end up 24-26g. For putting around a lower kv, 17, maybe would be acceptable in terms of performance. I use my lipos from MMW, and I have most sizes even HVLi. My go to is the 205mAh 25/50C PH 2.0 It’s a solid battery with good flight times, not too much weight, and good delivery.

I’ve heard brushed motors have a 5-6hr lifespan, although 4 is a long time for me. Nothing like a fresh set of MMW’s to scream around on!

Hope this helps and have fun😁

So all in all it’s worth paying $3 extra for 4 batteries with JST PH 2.0 connectors because the JST 1.25 connectors will wear out way before the battery.

Do you have any suggestions as to a good 230mAH high C battery with JST 2.0 connectors for my next set?

Also, do you know if the JST 1.25 connectors wear out if you leave them plugged in. The reason I am asking is because my motors and camera both use JST 1.25

For the record, there is no such thing as a “micro JST” or “JST 1.25” connector, even though those erroneous terms are widely used.

The micro connector that is common on Blade and other brushed micro quads is a Molex PicoBlade. You can tell it’s a PicoBlade connector by the flat, blade-shaped pins, as opposed to the square pins on JST connectors.

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@Brainstorm Thanks for the clarification.

Can someone post a link to the Mollex PicoBlade or JST PH 2.0 data sheet, which has the number of cycles listed?

All the data sheets I find don’t list this spec.


I learned this information from a video showing how to swap the molex connectors to PH.
In the video he had a spec sheet, but didn’t keep the video link sorry

The wear and tear comes from repetitive connecting disconnecting, keeping the cam connected for example I believe would be fine

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