DJI wants to share your drone's and your own location with EVERYONE

This is DJI’s proposed alternative to FAA’s Remote ID proposal (and also a similar thing that is coming to us over the pond in EU and UK with EASA later on). They want anyone that has a smartphone with wifi to be able to see your drone’s live location and flight path including the pilot’s location. Please go tell them how ridiculously dangerous that is or at least smash that dislike button.


Disliked. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention


Definitely disliked!


I was willing to give DJI the benefit of the doubt after their inroads with the digital FPV system but they have really pulled it out of the sh*t bag on this occasion. I wish we could have Drone companies being owned by actual enthusiasts

This is getting more and more crazy… :frowning:

Indeed. But i don’t think harsh arguing oder delivering youtube video titles like
Record 269Km FPV long range flight
Narrated Long Range FPV Setup Overview & 15km Range Test - Skywalker 1900
or 3610 meters above :: Long range FPV + 360° camera
are not capable of easing things down…
Nobody seems to care about RF Power ouput limits either…
And as long as so many forums and all youtube shout out ‘we dont care for regulations’ i think the rc model hobby is on its way to be collateral damage to get the few under control, that do endanger airborn traffic.

And then you have the popular guys like Mr. Steele who zip by families with babies in a park. Nothing stops authorities from finding and punishing all of these people now, even without any kind of remote ID. But as it usually goes, everyone will suffer for a few stupid things several jackasses did, even if they managed not to get anyone killed.


Yes, totally agree. Checkout AndyRC diving trees (which looks so awesome!!!) but like 20 yards close to a dense traffic road. (And as loud as some of his test quads are, i don’t want to live in that very neighbourhood…)

Let’s be real though, the actual end game is kill off the hobby so that air is available to be taxed by government for corporations such as Amazon and their delivery drones. Whichever route they take and however much pushback there is, it’s heading in the same direction

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Being that close to the busy roads that the neigbourhood is situated in, the noise of the drones would be the least of their concerns…

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Here in Croatia is already illegal to fly FPV anywhere where any people might be present in any time - even when nobody is there - even your own backyard is prohibited zone! No matter what you fly in FPV mode - from micro toy whoops to anything… you can fly FPV only in completely uninhabited areas… :frowning:
Not to mention FPV recording - for that you need permission from state geodetic agency - and that’s just to record… And if you want to release anything anywhere, you need additional approval from them and some military commission… :roll_eyes:

I don’t think that’s enforceable. There’s only 1 mention of FPV in the new law and it does say only non-urban areas, but then further down in the rules where categories are defined there’s category A (up to 250g and up to 19m/s) which is allowed to fly in or out of urban areas, day or night, without any age restrictions, special permissions, documentation etc. so I’d like to see anyone argue that we can’t fly a tiny whoop in our own backyards. Or that it’s safer to fly LOS than FPV.

CCAA is pretty reasonable and unless you’re flying over groups of people they will stay off your back. They will even let people do crazy things like this: :slight_smile:

The rules about recording from air are beyond ridiculous and no one takes them seriously anyway :sweat_smile:

You don’t forget Bruce Simpson is an entertainer, don’t you?

Unfirtunatelly, I explicity asked them about that confusion with FPV and that table with categories and I’ve got the same replies from two different inspectors - yes- I sent mail twice because I was dissapointed with answers but both were the same: categories are applied only to LOS flying. FPV is not categorized and it is only allowed in non urban areas no matter if you fly sub 250g whoop or 20kg plane. I even gave them examples of toy quads and entire sillines of this FPV exception, and one of them literaly told me to ignore this because it really is silly regulated (!) while other inspector clearly told me that I can’t even fly my 27g whoop FPV in my backyard but I can fly it LOS anywhere… IMHO, totally stupid. :frowning:

Regarding recording: yes - even geodetic adminstration confessed this is ridiculous and they don’t have personell nor time to deal with all this - especially when they were overflown with requests for shooting weddings etc. :slight_smile:

Looks like officials cannot see the difference between FPV and Long Range.

IMHO FPV is no problem at all when carried out with a little sense of responsibility.
Long Range on the other hand is a threat to public safety. When something goes wrong, the outcome is absolutley just a chance.
So officials just forbid all, and their job is done…

Yeah that’s pretty hilarious. You can clearly see FPV was a complete afterthought in making this new law.

Yes. All they know for, when you mention drone or quadcopter, is DJI type of drones - and one of these two inspectors I contacted even was a bit surprised with 27g FPV flying machine… :slight_smile:
I think there is lot of incompetence from some people who makes regulations… like it always is with politicians and experts who advise them… :wink:

Not sure what you mean by that? Is that referring to my cynicism in regards to potential taxing of airspace? Has he mentioned that before on his YT site? I wouldn’t know but when there are patents rolling around from Amazon delivery drones etc and food companies in the UK talking about having food delivered to your doorstep by air I don’t think the theory is just about entertainment. It’s entirely plausible. I work with radio receivers in my job and the government forced the whole industry to change the frequencies we used to offer it to television and mobile services. From a clear band of 30mhz they reduced this to us being legally allowed to use 13mhz band. And this was a whole industry. They’re considering doing again to make space for more contracts and money.

Considering we had the Gatwick/Heathrow drone incidents, the media’s overexaggeration of the issue, the debated laws etc, where do you expect all this to lead to? Do the governments really care for safety or money?

The theory is only plausible up to one point: Someone has to cover accidents and the money to cure for that.
Governments don’t but insurance companies do real risk assessment. They get that wrong, they dissappear. So they do that very precise and in depth. So, which insurance company is dumb enough to cover any autonomous drone services when even the autonomous cars only produce headlines like “3rd victim! homeless lady killed”.

There wont be delivery drones.

To be a commercial drone operator in the UK you need insurance. It won’t be troublesome to get insurance in this country. And I’m not stating autonomous. Companies aren’t that stupid either. Commercially it’s all very viable.

But what does it matter currently? This isn’t the issue, what we have now is a a company creating options in the long run which will lead to the hobbyist jumping through hoops to fly