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DIY micro airgate


So after being inspired by the Moskito smart gate, I had to DIY one myself to practice on until I can preorder one. So here it is with my LAMBO WHOOP.
Lambo because I had to tone it down to fly indoors😕


I thought it was called the Lambo Whoop because it looks silly and you’re a tractor builder. :wink:

That gate looks awesome! Looks like those LED strips on a 3s battery, right? How did you make the Hexagon itself?


9v see first pic
Styrofoam edge protection w LED’s inside


Anybody know what’s going on w downloading pics from a phone?
What’s up with this discourse thing?


Lmao, I never zoomed in, just assumed it was a pack. Nice though!
Not sure about discourse


Hell yah! That is awesome @Kamsleo69!

Not sure let me have a look if I can upload a photo. I know it is different on my phone than on the PC when I upload a picture.


Just a test, sorry this is not on topic.

What is the specific issue you’re having @Kamsleo69? It worked just fine from my phone.


Man I love that thing Madman! Why no red JST? Also what frame? Let’s get back on topic


It’s a tiny titan haha. That is one of @KewlbasaDawg’s custom frames 7mm motors 80mm frame. Just barely enough clearance for the TX02 AIO to go on it but not sure how it will do at around 47g AUW. Problem is I would need to switch out the connectors on a bunch of batteries :confused:


So when I go to look at a pic here on my phone
I used to click on it to “download” it
Then I could zoom in closer.
Now it asks me to sign in to discourse


So I use my phone to post photos because it is easier than uploading a shot to the PC and then to the forum. Ever since this site has been up I have not yet found a way that my account will stay logged on from the phone but my PC I am always logged in automatically when I come here. Discord sounds like it is requiring a sign in before allowing you to upload or download which I assume is to protect us from the spammers or would be spammers. Sorry I do not have a solid answer as to why you were able to download the photos before when you were not signed in, I just know it has never allowed me to do anything other than read the posts if I was not signed in.


Are those LED?


5M White 3528 SMD LED Strip Light Non-Waterproof 12V DC 300 LED


So whatever that discourse thing was is resolved.
I ended up signing out for the first time since I joined on my phone and back in again.
All is well
I can zoom and download on my phone again.



thanks for the link man. how many LEDs did you put in one gate?


The length of each leg is 6", so 36"
The LED’s can be cut at specific spots, I then soldered + and - to the pads on the LED tape and added a 9v plug.
The foam diffuses the light very well.
On my next version I will add dimmer switch as 9v is still bright as heck.
The LED’s are 12v for 15ft, I’m using 9v for 3ft.
I could probably use a 1S and still be good.


Great work @Kamsleo69 ! So cool that u used foam to help the light pop.


Thanks guys
I’ve been reading on other threads that 300mm diameter is small.
That’s a relief because I miss more than I make it😅
It would take me two or three packs to get through the coarse.
Do they have pit stops for bat changes?:joy:


thanks man :slight_smile: