Diy Buy or Diy Build!

In your opinion/opinions which is the best route to take? The only fly time ive had was with the ominous but im looken for something with a bit more stability and fpv also customizable looken to spend $150-$200 to start i know shtuff will definitely get broke along with pockets LOL

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Do a cheap diy build first. In doing so, you learn the fastest how to assemble the parts that you will eventually have to replace.

Cheap does not mean that the parts are bad. There are enough parts that are just as good as the almost 5 times as expensive brand product.

Then go out and fly. as often as possible.

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What size? Whoop could be a brushless 0802 build or a 65mm Newbeedrone brushed buy.
Something larger could be either too. A buy may just get you flying more, but a build will teach you how to fix it. I don’t think you can wrong either way because there is so much info out there. You’re going to be googling either way - building or fixing.