Did you ever got B

…Bored , or had barely enough time in your irl flying or just enjoying the hobby ? Im currently at this step but i do love this hobby more than anything ( beside my family) , but for some reason theres so many factors right now that block me from flying or at least ( something i do love TESTING new stuff or experimenting ) and im trying to manage my LIFE schedule and i can’t barely fined a open door . Theres more than that but yea im currently at this step , and i dont want to lose everything i did learn from at couple years .

Tonight , i drank a bit and so my mind is just more open than before and im not shy to be open minded as i am right but i just want to find a way to keep going and do what i love as a hobby ( experiment,test,try,suggest,opinion,crash,fix,repair and so on ) .

Since a couple month , i keep receiving a tons of question and some of them are so repetitive thats its killing me …keep in mind theres nothing against these people because i was there before and i do understand their position in the hobby cuz i was there before but i dont want to be rude or something so yea …just need to find a way to manage my time …I know its life but something we gotta find a way to sort it out !

Love you all !
Whoop on ! ( for me )

Tarkusx !

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Been there, done that… I have several hobbies and flip between them so my interests are various and when one thing tend to get boring, other thing get me occupied - and I am cycling through all that…

This hobby can get boring - especially if you fly in the same locations for most of time, and if you get to some skill level and somehow stuck there and can’t go above that (my story in both case). Then you can even get frustrated with all this… and the whole point of hobby is just the opposite - to have fun in spare time and not to get bored, frustrated, annoyed…

But I think you have no need to worry - eventually, interest will get back after some time of abstinence. At least, that works in my case and I can only judge by myself :slight_smile:

But if you have no time to fly and that frustrate you, I am also in that mode - more often than you think… And I know exactly how that feels…

But the only cure for this is:
JUST SEND IT AND WHOOP ON! :slight_smile:

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Thank and well said ! my friend

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Exactly how my wife describes me bro. And then it’s how long will this hobby last before you find a new shiny to play with? I’m over here like uhhhhh this hobby uses multiple other hobbies in it :smirk:
Micro electronics tinkering, software hardware integration (at which point I get the😔 uh huh look from Heather.)