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Dedicated silverware transmitter options


@DsAds I saw a similar deal for the irange some time ago and set about finding as many reviews as possible for it. It wasn’t really positive especially in its first iteration. The second one improved on the first ones issues but introduced a few of its own and they’ve always had subpar range. If I could I’d plump for the Jumper with the hall gimbals but as you said you don’t fancy it I’d go with another Devo 7E. I love mine


I did some looking in to the irangex and got the same impression reading and watching reviews. I should probably just buy another Jumper but after a string of bad luck. I have a hard time spending 130.00 on it again when i can buy a x-lite for the same price. This hobby can get expensive especially trying to keep myself and 2 new pilots in the air. Im glad to hear good feedback still on the devo 7e. Thanks


Just a thought i was looking at the 4 in 1 rf module that came in my Jumper. Would it be possible to hack it into a Devo 7e?


Probably. You may need to remove the shielding and work out the pins. Head on over to the Deviation site, there’ll be some very helpful guys there


Just created an account on deviation forum. I will remove the shield later. Thanks


Here it is with the cover off.


This looks like a challenge! Not sure it’s going to work but worth a try. Hope you’ve posted it on the Deviation site. Next thing you could do is look at the wiring of a 4 in 1 into a Devo 7E, https://www.deviationtx.com/forum/how-to/5955-7e-ultimate7e-adding-the-devo-version-4in1#49789

Using a multimeter and the datasheets you could trace the pins


Yep i did, haven’t seen a response yet. Time to put the multimeter to work. Even if i could just get the Nrf240l to work for our silverised whoops and whoovers. That would be good enough for me.


Thinking about it some more and looking at some pics, I would hazard a guess that the module is the same as every other Banggood 4 in 1 module https://goo.gl/images/crcPaE it’s just that it has been attached to a different bottom PCB and connectors. Essentially I think you may one of these https://goo.gl/images/FsFgcy

Edit: This may help http://blogpower.cl/original-diy-2-4g-cc2500-nrf24l01-a7105-cyrf6936-multi-rf-4-in-1-wireless-module/ If you’re feeling brave you could try to desolder the module and check the underside


Wow your the man! I think thats exactly what i need. It looks identical, I should be able to ohm the wire pig tail and verify pin locations. Pig tail is 16 pin but you can see the 2 on each end are going to usb and audio jack. Do you think a person will need the pcb? I will start searching to see if i can find a schematic of the devo 4 in 1. Thanks


Whether you’ll need the PCB depends on the PCB you have attached to the module. But bear in mind that the Jumper main board could have the the components that would be on the PCB. If the guys at Deviation take their time, speak to @goebish and some of the guys on rcgroups; https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2165676-DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module


Will do thanks.


If you’re just looking for cheapos for the kids, the bayang x9 radio was full sized and I believe betafpv either rebranded or revised it and offer a bone simple but full sized and cheap bayang only radio.


That one looked nice, but I think they discontinued it and now sell the same toy tx as everyone else, only in white and with blue sticks/buttons.



Maybe this?


That looks similar to the one BetaFPV had, but looks like it has throttle centering setup for altitude hold.


Thanks for the suggestion. That might be a decent option for my 6yr old. Right now trying to decide if i want to buy a devo 7e and get nrf24l01 module. I really liked the deviation that was loaded on the jumper and my 8yr old was familiar with it. If i can get the jumper 4 in 1 to work in the 7 e that would be an added bonus. Banggood is selling the devo for 45.00. The other option is to buy another frsky x-lite and let them use that mpm module that is showing up any day. Unfortunately i have not had a good run with gearbest but i have 42.00 gearbest wallet credit that i need to use along with 650 points. They have a frsky x-lite with an r9m module and receiver for 149.00. Not sure when they will have more stock of the T8SG plus. I would be tempted to use it towards that.


Well success with that module is going to come down to identifying it’s pinout. The 7e stock module would be removed … It’s pinout is well documented over at deviation tx. Just need to know where to connect the dots to the new one. Power, ground, miso, mosi, clock, 4 chip enable lines. It’s just an spi interface with 4 slaves.


I have been trying to research as much as possible on the deviation tx forum. I think im going to give it a shot. I just want to say thanks for all the info you and this forum is willing to share. We started in this hobby last year about this time, and it has been a steep learning curve from flashing silverware, building whoops and micro quads and 3d printing. None of it would have been possible without this forum. Thank you!


Yep for me too!