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Dedicated silverware transmitter options


Another long time reader, hoping to get some suggestions on a extra transmitter option. I have been looking into a doing a devo 7e for the silverised fleet and whoovers. I currently have an x-lite but waiting for multiprotocol module to show up from banggood. I had a Jumper T8SG V2 that quit working due a main board chip issue. I don’t plan to buy another Jumper due to their lack of customer support and replacement parts. I also have to small boys that a learning and I was thinking the smaller form factor of 7e might be a good choice. We currently don’t have a way to fly any of our whoops due to the zer0 having a gyro issue. Thanks for any suggestions.

E013 Upgrades?

Hi, the devo 7e is a great radio, I have my old modded one for my 5 year old and it survived several accidental drops without issue. To fly you whoovers and silverized toys would require adding a nrf module to it for the bayang protocol.

However, the extra modules and the 7e have been getting more expensive over the last 4 years, that is why I have been recommending the T8SG v2 which is actually cheaper if you consider all 4 modules already built in and the extra switches that are installed.

I realize you do not want to get another jumper but support for the 7e (and t8sg for that matter) mainly comes from the deviation community, not walkera. Also spares for the 7e are almost nonexistent, we ended up getting two spare transmitters for our hobby club when they were cheap to use for parts.

So, if you don’t want a jumper the 7e is one of the few alternatives in a smaller form factor. Great radio but needs work to fly your quads, alternatively if my 2 year old wants to play I just give him one of the spare e011 controllers. The tinkerer in me also wants to suggest fixing the jumper but I do not know what the issue with it is.


I tried to to fix the Jumper, but it was a fail. I tried to reflow the main chip on the board with a hot air gun but unfortunately melted other components that were behind the tape and tinfoil i was using to deflect the heat away. The Jumper just would not power up, unless heat or cold was applied to that main chip. So it needs a main board, its filed in the parts bin for now. Unfortunately last night was a fail again with the zer0 trying to reflow the gyro, got it to hot and some pieces fell off the other side. But i was looking on bangood and the 7e is 45.00 and a nrf is like 5.00 and now i have all the switches from the Jumper, so i was trying to decide if that was a decent option. Does the 7e stay bound to the last model that was used when powered off or is there a complicated binding process for 6 and 8 yr old?


Yeah, reflowing requires at least somewhat accurate temperature control (and a proper amount of flux) or you will have those issues.

45 dollars is actually not a bad price for the 7e. Since it also runs deviation it behaves exactly the same as the jumper you are used to. So it will remember the last model and try to bind on startup. With silverware you can even swap batteries on the quad and leave the tx powered and it will autobind again.


This is true, should probably invest in a hot air station. I know i said i didnt really want to buy another Jumper, but the T12 is 89.00 on bangood. So now i need to decide between 55.00 modded devo or t12. Thanks for your reply.


Hi @rjsj you mentioned a gyro issue with your Zer0, have you contacted Alienwhoop support about it?
Here is an invite to the Discord support chat.


Thanks, i did contact them the first time it happened and they helped diagnose the gyro the first time. I was able to reflow with a hot airgun the first time and it worked flawless for a week of flying everyday. But now that i had a some parts fall off the other side trying to reflow it a second time. I feel bad asking to get it fixed for my stupidity. Its had a hard life learning acro in the house


We can’t have pilots down, I’ll pm you.


i don’t know if this is something that would interest you or not, but right now the turnigy evolution is being heavily discounted. you would also have to get an fs-a8s receiver because it seems to be the only flysky receiver small enough that supports sbus thus working on the zer0


Thanks i have always liked the way that transmitter looks. But I bought an frsky x-lite and waiting for a mpm module to show up to fly bayang. So mainly looking for a cheap extra radio for bayang and somethimg that my boys can use so we can fly together. Currently have 3 betafpv lite whoops and 2 bwhoop whoovers and no toy controllers. Contemplating buying another x-lite just because I like that you can buy replacement parts.


Just to put this out there… could you not buy 1 or 2 e010’s (super cheap especially if you can catch a promo)? Then you get the transmitter which is small enough for kids plus you get a quad that’s great to learn on and for future a FC you can silverise and use on a better build once the kids get more proficient.


Thats probably the route i should have started for sure. Started with 2 furibee f36’s to learn and get into fpv. Then I discovered the amazing silverware and all that NFE and the micro motor community has done and i went nuts building silverised whoops. My boys are pretty darn good at flying angle in silverware. I like having options for switches to get all the modes. My 8yr old was starting to learn acro trainer angle/racemode/horizon and it actually helped me get better at acro in the house. It’s just unfortunate that the Jumper didn’t work for long.


i also have some extra e011 transmitters i would be willing to send you if you pay for shipping. for some reason i was under the impression that you wanted a non-toy grade transmitter


Thanks i appreciate that. But i may have a zer0 air born again soon. Chaotix reached out with alienwhoop support. Im so impressed with AlienWhoop and this community. But if i had toy controllers laying around im sure we would have been using them. I am looking for a decent quality secondary transmitter and only really plan to fly bayang and frsky. Thats why I was thinking a devo with a nrf module.


Have you considered this:?

At the moment its the same or just a bit more than a 7e.


I haven’t, thats doesn’t seem to bad. Does anybody have experience using one here? I did start looking into the Turnigy Evolution that was suggested. Hobby king is selling it for 29.70. Can a person use a multiprotocol module or even just a nrf 24 on that.


Modding an evolution is probably possible but wont be easy. The iRX-IR8M seems more than reasonable for the price, the v2 which is linked resolves the biggest gripes of poor sticks and power issues. Have a look at some reviews with that in mind and see what you think.


I will do some research. Thank you


Don’t do it, not with this tx. It’s poorly made and the second revision isn’t that much better. I’m not sure you’ll find a handful of positive reviews for it


Its a difficult call, if not for the OP I would be recommending a jumper, or if price not an issue an X-lite. I’ve been running a modded Devo 10 for years and only just upgraded to an X-Lite. Did you purchase an iRX-IR8M @yets?