Dedicated Silverware brushless #betafpv?

Might need to wait for “Quicksilver” ! At this moment this thing require a sh** load of filtering .
I wish i was better at messing with all these things but playing with this fc its headache right now. The flashing pads are not for everyone , they are just sitting by the osd chip so its …not for everyone !

You can apply for free and get a prototype from betafpv look on facebook if you want but get ready …

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I was just asking myself when will this be finally available in some finished form, but looks like I still need to wait :frowning_face:
What FW version goes on it? Yets fork?
UPDATE: I just seen they used NFE version and adapted it to work with brushless technology + OSD configuration… Hm. Interresting…

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Fork here if you wanna look at it , pretty copy-paste beside the OSD feature , 3 new options which is nice about the RX setup , Motors direction and Pids .

Yeah - copy paste :smile: Even my code for SilverVISE and for fixed inc/dec values for PID tuning is there (although they don’t need SilverVISE code any more because they have OSD :smiley: )

But it is very interesting to see changes they made to make OSD capable… Need to study that…

I downloaded PDF and I see that flashing pads are really insane close to everything as you stated… :frowning: It would be nightmare to flash with that (Beecore lite also has very tricky pad positions but not as this - and I manage to kill one Beecore board while trying to flash it by pushing pins to pads… this one would be nightmare to do with my hands and eyes - they are not so good any more for such a tricky job :frowning: )

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I killed one already by flashing one , apparently they will fix this problem on the retail version …we will see till now its really not for everyone , i mean for people who want to mess with the code and flash back to back , its a pain in the …ss !

But it is strange decision not to have plug and expect that people help them with settings and tuning when changing basically all settings and filters require flashing… :thinking:

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…and they need to use official Silverware logo on the package :slight_smile:

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Nooo how did i miss that fkkkkkkkkk :grin:
That was my idea i actually start designing a 2s brushless fc 1 year ago and never finish this project …


Not too late bro ! quality first ! so the door is open :slight_smile:

Yea really strange …and for those who gonna beta test this fc …its gonna be a nightmare and a lot of …T…talking …just my guess lol

Why not solder some wires and a little connector onto the flashing pads?

Pissed off I missed the first 50. You’d think someone would have posted in the H8 mini thread or NFE silverware thread. The first commercial brushless silverware board is not a small achievement.


You can probably ask for joining it … Im not participating and yea i did add a tiny connector but i’ve already stopped working on it .

I since found out it sounds like NFE is not happy with how they’ve handled it. I won’t be contacting them. I’m looking forward to NFE’s F4 firmware though, and I’m patient :wink:


Definitely not impressed with BetaFPV and how they’re handling this. The core developers need to be acknowledged. @tarkux As I posted on your FB post these exact things need to be addressed, you seem to be chummy with them, can you talk to them?