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"Dead Cat" style CF frames for brushed 8.5mm motors?


I would love to find a frame that resembles the RotorX Atom but geared for brushed quads unfortunately, never seen one except for the Diatone Beta.

After I made a dead-cat style, popsicle-stick frame, I noticed the flight characteristics are very favorable to my style of flying. For reasons I can’t explain, I prefer H-style frames over X-style frames. I would love to find something dead-cat in the 110mm range, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Anyone? :slight_smile:


It’s 90mm only and sold out currently. But deadcat.


I have that frame and it’s not really a deadcat (if I’ve got the definition correct?). The distance between the two back motors is the same measurement as the distance between the two front ones. It actually has characteristics of an x frame

Wouldn’t this be more suitable as a deadcat?



Wow, now thats a dead cat :cat:
Thanks for that, gonna have to get one

I also fly the bee90, hacked with no top plate, AFNGF4 wouldn’t fit, and that little bugger refuses to die! Longest life span of all my quads so far. And that’s no testimate to my flying skills either. Solid head ons with trees and such on a regular.


This is the only one I’ve seen that looks pretty cool but haven’t seen 1 positive write-up on this frame/fc

@yets - Yes I’ve seen that one for sale but I don’t want foldable. Thanks!


@chrisdo - Not dead enough - hahaha
I’ve considered this one but I wasn’t convinced - maybe I’ll give it a try.
I’m looking for something with the rear arms definitely closer than the front arms


Yea @chime13
I can understand why
PCB frames were/are a thing, but like you said, not a positive one. Cracks cause shorts, then your out an FC as well👎


To me, there’s no sexier frame than this:

If only I had the ability to roll my own brushed version - until then - Popsicle sticks!


I’ve never flown a deadcat, what characteristics does it have to fly? Is it tighter when cornering due to the configuration at the back?


Don’t know if your looking for a rabbit hole this big, but here you go:

Design and submit a custom CF frame!


So I understand an X to be stable, an H or stretched X to be fast.
Dead cat, just my opinion, a good mix of both.
I would love to read a link or two if anybody has a good one?


Exactly my thought. I personally feel that the shape is optimized for fast forward flight due to the props all having ‘clean’ air as opposed to ‘theoretically’ being caught in each other’s prop wash.
Having made a popsicle stick version, I was really impressed with the handling when just soaring - fast forward flight with loops and rolls. I don’t tend to do yaw spins for kicks so I haven’t noticed if it makes a difference.


That’s how it feels to me. Feels real stable up front and real quick in the rear - hehehe if that makes any sense…


How are there no adapter motor mounts between BL and brushed?

Would the Atom 83 be too small? https://www.airbladeuav.com/products/rotorx-atom-mini-83


Gorgeous but too heavy - Ideally, a 1S, 8.5mm brushed motor frame should weigh no more than 8 grams and a 0615 version can’t be heavier than 3g. Any heavier and I risk building a micro weed-whacker/ flying brick that can’t recover from a drop and flies for all of a minute…hahaha


Well that has piqued my interest then, was trying to find a new frame after finding my QX80 frame being about as agile as a corpse with rigor mortis.


Well, that total weight did include the top plate. It’s 1.5mm CF for the base frame, study for this size brushless.


That weight is probably with the top plate included, it’s probably be around 7g

Edit: Burtlo best me to it


The central holes at the motor mounts are 5.91mm inner diameter. I’m close to breaking down this build for grins-and-tickles at this point.

Seriously, where are brushed motor mounts for brushless installs?!? @Bobnova?


I think you guys are right as far as the total weight vs the baseplate alone…
Nice to know that the holes can be drilled larger to make room for the sucky grommets (I hate them) Also by drilling it, I might shave off a gram or so.
I think I’m gonna order one…Thanks @burtlo