CX-30w FC Question

In a recent conversation, Silverware was brought up as a potential option to improve my quad beyond BF’s capability and learned that it requires a compatible board. When I checked out the Wiki I was surprised to see a CX-10 on the list.

So I am curious if any would know what FW would be on a CX-30W board.

Pics if the fc can be seen here

I can’t see a picture of the fc there, silverware started as a hack on cheap small quads, and can run on a couple of processor types. Quads from when the cx30 appeared could have used such processor, newer quads now mostly use chips without any data available

If it has a stm30 or 31 it can run, it also needs a xn297 radio, you would need to figure out which pins control what, motors, radio, leds, not exactly simple but if you are that way inclined it can be

Oh, an stm 8 bit processor, those were pretty rare, sorry, silverware can’t run on it, it needs the 32 bit processors range

Bummer, was hoping to find something interesting to do with my old cx-30. Might still make a hovercraft.