Crimping - Engineer PA-09

I have an Engineer PA-09 and it really does a good job.
Up to now I only crimped JST connectors with it but I’ll buy some PicoBlade and JST SH stuff soon since I like to have everything as modular and replaceable as possible - without additional soldering.
Here is a nice video on crimping micro connectors using that tool:


I like that tool. I bought it after watching this exact video.

@las, I hope you dont mind that I butchered your post to embed the video :wink:

No problem at all :slight_smile: - way better that way.

I love that thing! and at 35$ worth it’s weight in gold seeing as molex wants 300$ for their crimpers for this and that is the low end of the the fancy crimpers. I use these quitte often and saw this after purchasing mine but had seen similar videos prior. Indespensible if you want to make your own custom cable harnesses. I will say that the 1mm and 1.25mm pitch can be a real bitch though first few times trying to crimp. here is a link
The other issue here is sorting through all the appropriate connectors and correct pitches for what you want to do. I have spent much time on mouser, digikey and newark14 to locate the correct serries and pitch of connectors for all the various sockets plugs, pins and various pitches used in the micro build :wink: Just dropped another 130$ today at mouser, not just for the connectors but also replacement components for my FC’s :wink:

there is also the Engineer PAD-11 that does down to 0.7mm

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I also bought these crimpers after watching this same video that Adam directed me to. These pins are tiny and very difficult to hold let alone orientate correctly prior to crimping. After a bit of practise you will be crimping like a pro with this quality Japanese tool. I agree with Adam when he says that identifying and even working out the correct name for these connector pins and housings is a challenge but one well worth taking up none the less. The Ebay vendors like sammylam are a good supplier of a lot of these pins and connector housings. For instance the 2 pin plugs used on the MMW motors along with many other micro quad components, use this plug and matching socket housing. The convenience of having plug in components in your build cannot be overestimated, and despite a slight weight penalty over straight soldered connections, I feel that it is a sacrifice well worth making. I was so happy with my first successful crimp that I have a picture of it on the mantelpiece :smiley:

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Think of buying one of those crimping tools. And yeah I’m so confused with different styles, names etc. of connectors, pins …
Want to learn crimping too wire up some Fpv rigs.
I already ordered these connectors:
Think these are picoblade (right?) but they named them jst micro.
Can somebody help me to find the correct crimp contacts (male+female)? Just need the exact specification or a Link so I’ m able to do some research where i can order them here in Germany.
Would be nice.
Hope it’s ok to post this here instead of opening an extra topic.

Hey @chrisdo, those are JST. Very similar in appearance to the pico blade by MOLEX but they have a different locking tab, on the ones you purchased there is a singal locking tab, on the molex there are 2. Molex and JST make all the micro fittings and yup it can be a real bitch to locate specific mating sockets and housings. So what exactly do you want to do? All these fittings can be had from many places and I have accrued an S load through 4 sources which happens to be ebay, newark, digikey and mouser. I am not sure if any of the last 3 are within Germany but they are a good source for nearly every plug and socket under the sun. Look at this link and it will show you the 1.25mm pitch molex wire housing and crimp pins on digikey.

Thx madman1412. Respect you got these things sorted out. Never will reach that level I think.
All these different types, styles, numbers… will make my head explode sometime.
Ok, what I’m planning to do:
Have three different custombuild micro quads here. All with Nano qx or Nano Qx FPV FCs. Want to make Fpv rigs for them. Already have a altitude nano tx with pico cam which works great, but like that diy stuff.
Ordered different vtxs and cameras, pololus and antennas from bangood and others. And these connectors which mentioned above.
Sometimes order too much stuff while/after drinking beer and reading this Forum​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My goal is to use these connectors mainly for vtx and cam to make them interchangeable for testing different combinations.
Then i came across this thread and crimping tool and thought of crimping would be more elegant than just solder wires together. Haven’t ordered the pa-09 yet.
Since these micro jst ones are already on the way, Ithink I can stick with them, cause these are a lot of plugs and sockets to use. just need to know how they are named correctly (jst product notificat) to find the right crimp contacts which I can put on my (camera) wires. Sure you will know the specific notification for them madman1412. Please let me know.

Hope my writing makes sense since it’s hard for me to express my thoughts in English. And maybe I’m faster in ordering stuff than thinking how to exactly do the built​:thinking::thinking:. Maybe i should just solder wires together than spending more money. Damn micro addiction.

Checked digikey and mouser, they have german websites too, but shipping is extraordinary high.

I have the same 3pos 1.25mm wires and plugs that you have on order. I pulled one of the pins from the female socket and used one of these molex pins which are almost identical and used it in the housing and it works fine. These are the male pins for the female housings.
This is the female mating pin for that and should work in the male socket
I know all about the bad judgement after a few adult beverages :wink: haha I have a lot of stuff here in the tinker tank. Too many bins full of too many things.
Your english is quite good but if you think you need a translator the chief is German and I am sure could help out :grin:

Ok. That sounds good. So i can use the Molex crimp things to use with my ordered micro jst plugs. Good to know.
But the mystery which jst crimp contacts will fit those micro jst housings (and their correct typificatin/Name) is unsolved.
So much things to learn and explore ( thought i know what’s female and male - ha haa) feel like my 5 year old daughter and that’s great!!!
Cheers - Nasdrowje - Prost

@pedro147 @madman1412 Will this crimping pliers work in place of the PA-09? It says it can crimp 0.25 - 1.5mm crimp pins and 28-20 AWG wires together.

@jayodas I have not used those crimpers, but looking at the picture of them the jaws appear to be a lot wider compared to th PA-09 and this might create problems when trying the small 1mm pitch pins. Then again they may be designed to crimp both the pin to insulation and pin to inner wire core at the same time, but I am not sure. What do you think @madman1412

I’m neither @madman1412 nor @pedro147 but as @pedro147 mentioned these seem to be made for one step crimping (insulation & core at the same time).
Given that those pliers are more expensive than the PA-09… I would still recommend the PA-09 - they are cheaper and definitely do the job. If you have those pliers already anyways, try them first - they might just work fine.

Same opinion here as @pedro147 and @las as far as those crimpers go. If you haven’t purchased them yet I would go for the PA-09’s. I believe I read reviews on these specific crimpers and because they are doing both crimps at once tend to crush the pin more than crimp it. There are also complaints about the PA-09 if you read the reviews on Amazon or the like but it is mostly from user error. It takes a little practice the right size pins and wires and a whole lot of searching when trying to find the correct connectors. If you already have these please give us a review and if not I say get the PA-09. As far as crimping goes, the 1.25mm pitch header pins are about as small as you want to try and crimp with the PA-09, it can do the 1mm pitch pins as well but trying to get a good crimp on the 1mm size is somewhat frustrating. In the case of the 1mm pitch pins I defer to purchase the cable made already :wink:

the picoblade stuff is smallest i use, its 1.25mm. what uses 1mm size?

There are several components that we use that have the 1mm pitch pin. First off is the six pin serial port header on the original AlienWii FC’s then the Altitude Vtx plugs and as of late programming ports for the 4 pin connectors on the Scisky and the MultiFlite 1.1 + 1.0. nothing in particular that most of us would need to make custom plugs for but there are a few sockets on various cards and components that have the 1mm pitch pins.

ah, counting myself lucky then since i dont have any of that… the 1.25mm can be maddening at times, cant imagine even smaller.

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No doubt it takes patience and some good readers to see them damn tiny ass crimps! haha I did a grip of motors I got with the larger plugs that I got a good deal on, so had lots of practice at them :wink: Sometimes you just have to walk away for a bit. Best tool I have in my tool box, know when to walk away, like Kenny said, and know when to run! haha

Your statement brings up a good point about these crimpers @jayodas referenced. It is hard enough to hold the 1.25mm pitch pins and crimp with the PA-09 which have a skinny jaw that allows you to do one crimp at a time. I can barely keep ahold of the wire and pin with a “TAB” on it (don’t buy the ones that have no tab, god forbid! Speaking of crimp pins) and get to the very first crimp while still keeping the wire in place, you really need to be able to see the second crimp while doing the first to make sure the insulation is properly positioned for the second crimp. Doing both crimps in one action seems like it would be a lot of frustration and doing over. The only advantage I could see of that is that it would keep the pin straight whereas the PA-09 can tend to bend a pin in the jaws if a little too much pressure is used and the pin isn’t handled correctly.

i cant crimp them without these

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