Crazybee F4 Lite "NO Gyro" message - repairable?

Hey I have a crazybeef4r in my Mobulite7 (mobula6 fc and motors in a 75mm frame), and the other day I did a seemingly small crash but she wouldn’t arm afterwards. Back at home I checked the betaflight configurator and it says “no gyro” in the status settings. From what I see, the camera might have hit the gyro chip on the top during the crash. I can’t see any physical damage but I hate to bin this FC if it’s possibly fixable.

Does anyone know if reflowing via my oven or a hot air gun might revive it? Or do gyro chips typically “break” internally or something? Not sure I have the skills to replace the chip but reflowing might be possible…

If you have a Reflow station … give it a try with some flux too , pin are generally weak . Otherwise if you have a spare one …try to swap it …surgery à la Doctor House

Most of the time its their pins

That’s reassuring to hear. I’m going to get one of those hot air gun things for soldering. Want to see if I can do some smd work. This can be good practice I guess!

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