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Crazy oscillations [Solved]


Hey guys,

Just finished up a new build, 90mm brushless. Idle throttle is fine, no flipping etc. When throttling up, I get these intense audable and visual oscillations. Not even off the ground yet.
When hovering for a second it looks like ?yaw movement, but it just sounds so nasty I land.
P’s on 10 doesn’t make a difference. Motors spin freely and the screws don’t appear to be touching the windings.

Little bit at a loss as to what’s going on.
Any tips/advice?


1 -Bent motor shaft or unbalanced prop are the simplest things to troubleshoot
2 -Filter setting issues or FC vibrations are more difficult to troubleshoot.

I bet it’s a prop.



The motors spin freely and the props are new.

I’m on PT1 dynamic filtering with all filters enabled. Motors are hot as it is without disabling them


Try different props anyway, sometimes they come unbalanced from the factory. What are the current PIDs?


At the moment just default Betaflight.
Tried new props but no difference.
The FC has one of those sensitive gyros in it, and I can’t shift that’s it’s at fault.
New flight controller on the way.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.


The props need to be secured with two screws.
I thought one was enough for testing.
Easy fix