Crazy idea: 6mm motors octopter



“micro” shows 5" inch drone :joy:


Thats the idea to the test build


if you have a 3d printer i could design a file for u


Some other ideas.
I don’t have a 3d printer so i’ll have to figure out how to put everything together. Maybe i just glue 8 e010 ducts together… Should be a fun project to do. As i said, i’ll note down any ideas you have, and will try to do something


thanks man!


also do u think the e011 fc can handle the parrot motors over time


thats smart, never thought of putting the second set upside down


You can try and see if the motors do get hot. You know how it goes, if you can hold the motors with your fingers for some seconds, that’s ok. If you touch them and say “ouch”, that’s too hot, so every time they go that hot, you’re reducing their lifetime a lot


you said you tried once do you know if they got too hot. I don’t have the right screwdriver to get to the parrot motors(yet)


I don’t know what screws the parrot has. The e011 included a mini screwdriver, didn’t it? Doesn’t it fit?
I can’t tell you anything for sure. My motors were too hot even before finishing the battery, but they were not 8520, i think they’re 8016, and don’t even know what quad they’re from, because they were sent to me by mistake


oh, the e011 screwdriver fits but the parrot needs a torx t3 or t2 to get to the fc
could i instead use some MMW CL-820-15’s or CL-820-17’s


Whatever you do, try first the gear you already have. You’ll always have time to buy new things
Changing motors is a very easy mod, so you should be able to do the test and return the motors to its original quad in little time


Very interesting, but 42gr without vtx and lipo. Heavier than 2 tiny whoops together. Can’t imagine flying acro with that… Without a 3d printer i could loose interest in this project…


Maybe make some Popsicle stick design and hot glue the motors on like the husban h107 hack octocopter


Interesting idea, it has crossed my mind before as well. I don’t think the FETs on most boards are able the handle the amp draw of two motors though. I bet someone smart could confirm, like @chaotix ? :wink:

I have been thinking about building a Y hexacopter though, using the eachine F3 with 6 motor connections. The power of 6 motors (almost) with the form factor of 3. Like this:


we were thinking two e010 boards(each w/ 4 motors) and binding them w/ one transmitter


also very interesting. Still don’t know how the tail rotors have to perform in a Y setup…
In any case, the idea is to minimize frame weight to take advantage of the combined power of so many motors


Yeah, that’s the idea. But maybe i’ll first try with only on fc


might die but good luck :thumbsup: