Crazy idea: 6mm motors octopter


Lately i don’t get bored because i’ve not much spare time with my 2 month old baby… But i’ve been thinking to make a crazy build with 8 motors. I’ve lots of spares…

2 tiny whoop frame stiffeners crossed looks like a nice 8 motors frame…

The thing is time, and the wish of not ruin motors and flight controllers just at the first try, so…

What happens if i solder 8 motors to a regular 4 motors board? (2 same direction motors in every pair of pads in the fc)

Do i get enough current in every pair of motors? Is it too much for a regular fc to handle? What happens?? Is there something similar to a octopter brushed flight controller. I’ve seen brushed fc for 6 motors, but not 8…

What do you think?

Transmitter receiver compatibility

I love this idea! Should be able to solder 2 motors to 1 pad that are intended to spin the same direction. I was actually thinking x8 instead of octo but same idea. I really want to try either the x8 or a ultralight hex soon!


Nice! Encouraging comment. Maybe i’ll first try with the e010 fcs and motors that i have lying around and doing nothing with them, to see how it performs. If anything explodes, i could try with something more powerful. But yeah, since i don’t have an octo board, use a regular 4 motor one and every pair of motors acting as one


I think kabob had a video of a larger brushless Octo where two motors acted together as one corner using a quad configuration. I’d copy that motor layout if you try going Octo since that’s at least some evidence of positioning working out on something.

A lightweight 90ish mm X frame with a whoop brace bolted below might also be a cool setup for an offset x8 with lower deck motors set up as pushers. Having them at a smaller spread below than above would possibly even mimic the difference in upper and lower blade pitches commonly run on larger x8 crafts.


If this even comes close to working out with more power, I’ll bolt 2 smart100 frames together on standoffs and make an 8.5mm x8


I can’t imagine a FET handing 2 motors…


I’ve seen kabob’s video. I had the idea but that was the confirrmation that it could work with a 4 motor board when talking about leveling. He had a dedicated esc for each motor, thats why i was worried about a single regular brushed fc handling all those motors.

I’ll give it a try when i receive the bunch of tiny whoop stiffeners that i ordered. It’ll be simple, setting up the frame, attaching motors and solder them to the e010 fc by pairs. If that works and nothing gets burned, then maybe we go for something else, but i’m not buying more parts for now. My daughter needs to eat!! :sweat_smile:


And now that i’m thinking, that frame with two combined stiffeners may not be enough space for 8 propellers… So dumb… Maybe different heights for each set of 4 motors… I thought about placing one motor beneath the regular one, in a pusher config, but i dont think its going to work 2 motors with different directions soldered to the same pad… Maybe drilling the top of the prop and placing it upside down…

I don’t know… Any crazy ideas are welcome (if there’s any chance they could work)


Even if one e010 fc cannot handle 8 motors, i can place two e010 fcs and control both of them witrh just one transmitter. I dont know it i can translate that to 2 beecores or something, but…


can u get 2 fc’s that can use the fs-a8s hook up one set of motors to each and bind to both of them at once?


i can’t find it but i saw a video on youtube where a guy picked 2 e010, attached them together and flew them with one transmitter. That thing works ok, at least that’s what the guy was saying…

I don’t know, sorry for posting so many replies, i’m in a brain storm


oh yea i have a e011 and it makes me bind whenever i turn it on, if you could get 2 and turn them both on and do the binding procedure it might work


That’s a good question. I guess it could work (but then i’ll need to buy another fc without receiver, just got one). The thing is that i have so many questions, don’t know a shit about electronics…


getting two e011’s would be cheaper if it works and i also dont know much about electronics either kinda just got into the hobby


I’m talking about the e010 because is the one that i have more spares of. Also have a pile of 6mm motors. The main idea is to get something really powerful by saving weight. So the power of two quads together in one, only adding motors, not anything else… and trying to use only available resources. I should stop spending money in banggood for a while if i care about my family…:joy:


hehe, i dont know how the e010 binding process works but its worth trying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here you can see the guy binds one transmitter with several e010s. The don’t fly the same. There are many things affecting each and every quad. The wind, the accelerometer of each quad, motors and batteries health… But if you put 2 fcs in the same frame, one over the other, it should work


can you imagine? a 16x6mm quad with 4 fcs? hehehehehe


yea u should try it make a video of you flying if it works


you should make some weird rly tall quad lol :joy:

like all 8 motors on top, the fc’s on the bottom, and a big battery on the bottom. endurance micro quad :sunglasses: