Crazepony camera issues

Hi all!
I’m Hunter (as my name suggests) and this is my third post!

Anyway, I got a new Crazepony camera with vtx combo, and I also got a brand new tiny whoop. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the camera to begin with, so I plugged it into my Eachine E010s. It didn’t work. I then plugged in the camera the E010s came with, and it worked then.
When I say it didn’t work, I mean that the FC didn’t even have any of the lights on. All the power just went to the camera.
Is there anyway to fix this? Should I just get a different camera?


Link to camera

and if anyone who was helping me with my normal quad sees this, I’m sorry about not sending a picture of the quad yet. I lost it and am trying to find it. My dog grabbed it or something and I can’t find it

Sounds like either there’s something wrong with the new camera or the stock e010s camera uses a connector that is wired backwards compared to the new one.
Can you confirm that black is going to black and red to red? When you plugged it in, did the need camera have lights?

That was it. Camera wires were reverse. Thanks

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