Crashed leader 120 again

Crashed the FS Leader 120 into a crape Myrtle at a decent speed. Tried to turtle mode out but to no avail.
Back left motor started twitching and you could hear the esc reset but didn’t loose video or TX connection. I looked at OSD and it said the battery was about dead so I Switched the batteries everything was fine till the battery hit 6.5v or so and fell outta the sky. back left motor was twitching again. Hooked up to Bf., motor test w/ full battery was fine but a flat battery caused the twitching. ( I have the option enabled for bad motor/esc. But recieved no message on osd about a bad anything. Opened bl heli suite but had no success in diagnosing even with the esc resetting about 5 seconds after arming. Swapped motor for a new motor flew great for 2 packs then started twitching and esc reset sound again.
Gonna test motor on single esc and see if it works correctly.
Perhaps screw a lil to long and messed it up?
Hoping I didn’t mess off two 1104 motors.
Digital idle set kinda low at 10 maybe 15, but when I throttle up the motor keeps twitching then the twitchy motor causes the esc reset.
Check list
=video for y’all to view of the issue. No dvr unfortunately.
=Solder points
=possibly an actual esc desync?
=test esc with multimeter( anyone explain how to or link me a how to?)

6.5v is way lower than you want to run a 2s pack to, that’s your problem.
Under 7 is not a good idea on 2s, the discharge curve turns into a discharge cliff and you quickly end up at less than 3v/cell and damaging the battery quickly.

Ahh good to know I usually run em to 6.4 they usually recover at 6.8 or so. Now even with a fresh lipo the motor twitches. I have a crazy idea I’m gonna try. It seems like if the drone is cool ( like lets say less than 90° for example) I can get a pack in before the motor starts twitching. But also if I leave it alone for a few weeks I can get a half a pack in before it starts twitching.
Unless it’s 90° outside then the motor just twitches.
When I get home I’ll set up camera and drone take em outside and see if my idea of the drone being cooler is feasible or not. Wait I’ll record and test inside 1st if all is well, we’ll continue to the outside heat testing.