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Crashed. How do I fix this antenna?


One of my Frsky XM+ antennas got eaten by my prop. Can I just strip back the insulation and cut to the same length as the other antenna to fix it or does it look okay? The top one is missing the silver coating and looks transparent now.

Also, does this lipo look okay? I striped back the insulation to check if it was punctured, but it is not. The top cell looks slightly crushed, but that may just be the insulation? It discharged just fine in my charger.


Lipo looks not horrible, definitely one to keep a closer eye on when charging though.

Antenna: the silver bit in the middle of the clear insulation is the important bit, trim the clear stuff back to the end of the silver, then measure the good one’s clear/silver length and strip the black outer insulation and the braided shield back until you have that same amount of clear/silver exposed and you’re golden. Strip long then trim the clear/silver, you want it within a mm or two.


@Bobnova Thanks! I was worried I just blew a brand new lipo.

I flew a bit more after that and my flight controller reset when I was flying for no reason?!? Must be a short? It did have a bit of wet grass on the FC. When I retrieved my quadcopter nothing was broken other than the 3D printed parts, but when I turned it on, one motor started spinning up?

Long story short, I dismantled my quadcopter and it seems to booted up in betaflight fine. Need to test a couple lipos idling before I fly. Oh and my TX02 Camera smoked… guess now I have an excuse to buy a Micro Swift, but with my skills I’d probably crash and break it in under ten flights…


From experience: That can cause trouble. :wink:

Handle that lipo with care. It might work just fine for the rest of its lifetime, but it also might short out internally at some point. To be honest I have some lipos that look similar and work just fine, but are being carefully stored/handled.


Yeah I was pretty stupid flying right after I got all that grass in my electronics. Just didn’t feel like driving home and disassembling my quad. :expressionless:


I recently conformal coated all my electronics for just that reason.
Bottle of the stuff will set you back 20 bucks, but the first FC that doesn’t fry pays for it.


If you had a water issue, re-flash your flight controller and it should work perfectly again. I know it’s not fun setting it up again but you can save most of the configuration in the cli and then load it again. But a new setup doesn’t take that long.