Connector switch Inductrix

I’ve heard that the stock connector on the FC board and the battery connector are poor and cause degrading performance. I’ve flown the quad around 8 times and now it will not get over an inch off the floor in a poor hover. I’ve either fried the batteries or the poor connector is the problem.

I fly 110’s and their connectors use robust connectors with larger silicone wire. I want to convert the Inductrix to match that set up so I can use the same charger in all of my quads. Besides conversion work, is it something that’s asking for trouble electrically?

PH2 connectors are an excellent upgrade for whoops of all sorts.

Just don’t get the polarity backwards, that results in suffering and increased costs. I have personal experience in this front.

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What connector are you planning to use? Because the weight of the connector is also something to consider. As long as it isn’t a xt30 or xt60 it should be fine lol

Here is the type. Only as much wire as needed.

Sure, go for it. Most people use PH2.0 but if you want to use this that’s fine.

I just completed it without frying the lipos. I had not charged them for 2 weeks. Tried it in the Inductrix and had full control and throttle range, unlike two weeks ago.

But there was also something I left off, a CF fixture I bought for motor alignment. It goes on the bottom. I’ll try it with that on and report back.

Much easier to charge. Not as easy to disconnect.

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Yard flew it today. Good times. Decent video range. Flew some hover with the CF fixture. Definitely takes more throttle. I’m leaving it off.