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Connector heating up


Hi there been on the fence to long to just registered

Flying whoops/quads a few months … Husband x 4 / m80 / mambo / us65 / uruav 65 / fat shark hd3 / furious fpv /pico patch / pico pagoda / dpi magic few others things also …

Anyhow my flights are becoming very limited to 1 min … Batteries fine etc im not a hard flyer … Nice and relaxed … Read few posts about this being an issue … Anyone confirm it works change the pigtail ???



Know someone who recently had this issue with his inductrix and he replaced the connector and it worked better. Same less than a minute flights before, 3 min now.


do you mean by connector the cable coming from the whoop which you then plug a battery into >> pig tail ??


For him, the solder joint at the connection of the whoop board was sketchy. However, I have had some wires rip internally at the pigtail, so it could be that as well I’m guessing.


If the connector is too small, the current ‘backs up’ because there isn’t enough surface area for the electricity to flow. Not sure what you have, but a powerwhoop or PH2.0 is usually enough.


All these connectors - including JST PH - are extremely marginal. I think the PH is rated at 1A, but the average current is more like 3-4A, the peak much higher. As well as that, a PH is a wire to board connector, not designed therefore for many insertion cycles.

It is probably the socket (battery end) that goes first, losing springiness, bending apart, so resistance goes up, leading to heat, and a vicious circle. Maybe therefore, the connector fails before the battery chemistry does.

Ideally one would use a higher rated connector, but it is a trade off against size and weight.


One of my whoops was consistently complaining about low battery and losing power within 30 seconds of take-off. I tried replacing motors, props, the FPV cam, but nothing worked. The same batteries worked fine on another whoop It had to be the flight controller.

I couldn’t see anything obvious on the board, but after noticing that the PH 2.0 connector on the pigtail was warm after a flight (which it wasn’t on my other whoops), I replaced the pigtail and got my full flight times back!

So yeah, if your pigtail connector is warm, I guess that’s probably an indication that there is some unwanted resistance there and it could help to replace it.

BTW, anyone have a source of decent-quality PH 2.0 pigtails? The replacements I have aren’t great :- ) (and MMW is currently sold out of theirs)


Go straight to source.
Benedikt gets them from Boris at MyLipo.


is there a where you can change the language on the site looks good for products ?


I’m using chrome browser and google automatically translates each page for me, your browser may be able to do it via a setting, otherwise use chrome.


I make mine out of JST 2 pin straight headers (B2B -PH-K-S), some wire, and hot melt glue. Having looked it up, the current rating is actually 2A. They don’t seem to quote a number of insertion cycles.