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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


I see you are editing in After Effects, is it better than Premiere? I have been using the Sony Vegas, and now I’am trying to transition to Premiere, but man is it difficult.


It’s not better for straight up editing, but when I do stuff like compositing with Timecode, and the lap counters it’s always been easier for me in AE. But I have been using AE before it was owned by Adobe (yeah, it was called Cosina After Effects about a million years ago).


Okay, well, who needs to eat lunch anyway? Here’s the Makerfire run, Angle mode, no Airmode and my custom PIDs.


I’m thinking I might be able to shave off, maybe, maybe another half a second or so as I watch some of my “late breaking” sending me way past the post. But no matter what, it was great to see my Stock and my Makerfire run side by side and notice the differences. I sure wish I could run 19.6’s on the stock FC…it does fly SMOOOV.


Nice job, @PJC,
Glad to see you flying again, even if your not %100 yet
Feeling %100
You def fly %100


Well we had entries from @thexboxblaster, @JBFPV, @Kamsleo69, and @PJC this week. Some phenomenal runs with only about 2 seconds separating the top 3. That’s only a 2% difference between finishers! Wow -seriously competetive. I really hope to see more roll in this week - this has turned out to be a lot of fun and I for one can say that the practice has accelerated the improvement of my flying skills. I’m flying 19.6’s indoors on acro comfortably now - definitely wasn’t that good before. Can’t wait to get my dvr back from my brother next weekend!


Congratulatuons to the new “King” - @thexboxblaster. Having watched this race frame by frame I can say this - thexboxblaster put this in the bag on the launch. I had to check the frame 4 times to be sure I lined it up right he launched so hard. @JBFPV is also so technically precise that when I stopped on the frame to update his lap number - I swear they were all photographically identical! Just sick precision entering each turn!!
Awesome guys - thanks for posting.


Well that is really close :smiley: Great job with the editing @NotFastEnuf. Wonder who will it be that defeats me :smiley: With all our times being so close I guess we are getting near the shortest time possible with a tinywhoop though!


I have been focusing on tightening up the turn so much so I didn’t even consider the launch being something that could make or break a race. Hahaha. You may very well be right on approaching the lowest times possible - will be interesting to see if we get a challenger this week! If not - might be time for a new track!



This motor guy seams to have nailed it:
@Benedikt might know him😉


Okay, since no one posted any runs since last Sunday and I really wanted my time to be beaten, I decided to try and do it myself :smiley:
The super-charged QX90c did the job!
Had a lot of fun editing this one too, tried some new fancy effects. I won’t lie it was inspired by @PJC :slight_smile:
(yup the frame is broken in two places after many tries :D)
Have a nice day all :slight_smile:


Dang! That’s some serious stick control! When I was flying my 8.5mm around, it was crazy hard…but then again, I do have it tuned to fly in bigger areas and not be as twitchy as I’d need for this close!

Nice flying…now if I get over this cold (still lingering) and stop having work keep me late, I need to try my Whoops again!


Seriously sick flying dood! That time is gonna stand for a while I’m sure.

Once I get these receivers I’m going to put some laps in but I doubt I’ll be beating that.


That’s some nice flying! There were some awfully close calls on that post before you finally tagged it!

My kk100 is going to attempt this… Hopefully it lives.


Time to bring out the PFG Blade 200QX!


If denovich can keep a tight orbit he’ll demolish all of us. That’s going to be a pretty good trick though.

I do wonder how big the eventual top quad will be.


Didn’t set up any pylons but have moved all my stick time over to the 8.5mm. Running laps around my truck trying to get comfortable with the way the new build handles. Just didn’t feel fast enough after tons of laps so I switched back to the insane whoop - and felt like I was dragging around an anchor - so slow in comparison. Lol. Funny how you get immersed in flying something and then you switch crafts and it’s such a perspective shock. I’m no where near ready with the 8.5 but am sticking with it - I wonder what 20ft will feel like when my 3in is back together?


Sick man, no way I’ll be able to beat that with the whoop. Maybe with the micro brushless but I’d have to set something up in the public park. You have a perfect spot right there!


I spent some time trying with my kk100 brushed… It’s too fast for the tune and the distance.
Also discovered that brown pylons in a grassy sandy field are very hard to see.


Is it a whoop?
Is it timely?
Is it over a year later?
Is the not-a-whoop faster than a whoop will ever be?
Does it make ~3.5kg of thrust?
Did it dominate the race?
Well, no.
Is it 20’ between posts?
Well, no to that too.
Was it fun?
Oh yes.

Revive this topic? (asks the forum software)
Yes, yes indeed.

43’ between posts.
38.4s or so for 10 laps)


I’m having flashbacks! Funny post @Bobnova :joy: