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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


44:10, huh?
That’s super flying dude. What makes it so impressive is the tight space. I had an entire park and still can’t touch you proximity speed demons.

Hats off to you, sir

Another time I’ll have to ask you how you embed your GoPro video in feed or vice versa


Practicing for the races tonight on my fastest whoop. 19.6’s and 23g auw… hit so hard this happened! Now that’s that’s a first… I’ve NEVER managed to smash one in before. It’ll pop right back out and be fine… but dang…


On a positive note, I can fly in spaces inside with this beast now that I couldn’t touch before… The practice is really paying off!


That’s pretty impressive, takes a pretty hard hit to do that and make it stick!

Mine is back together with a new frame:

Won’t be able to fly it till Sunday night or Monday though.

Also tested the Secret Project. It didn’t fail, so further development will be done.
Will it be effective? Who knows.
Will I probably crash and destroy it quickly? Yes.


I imagine it was quite an impact to bend the canopy like this haha :smiley:

Nice you are already back up @Bobnova, that’s the beauty of 3D printed frames :smiley:
I have two ducts broken in my E010 and can’t do nothing about it until a new frame arrives via the slow boat :smiley:

Nice course @Kamsleo69, those gates look tiny though! What did you use for pylons? They look like folding struts from a tent, is it ture maybe?


The gates are MultiGP spec whoop class gates, they go by area so the squares are 19"x19" and the start/finish hexagon were 9"x6 sides.
Micro class I think is 30"x30"
The pylons are modded MultiGP full size gate poles. Those gates are 5’x5’. I modded the polls by adding some LED’s to 9v. Hard to see but as the sun set it helped. I have some GoPro video of the coarse set up but didn’t upload it.
I just threw the gates down anywhere, but in the future I will use the Universal Time Trial tracts scaled down for micros.


I’m really annoyed with my beecore cutting my flights short. I crash enough on my own practicing for this race - and have my timer set so that when I land and check battery voltage I’m at 3.4 volts (by the time I get a meter on it). But last night it dropped out of the air on every pack 3 seconds after my timer went off and on my way back to a planned landing. It really doesn’t like the 19.6’s.


Nice, @Kamsleo69! I have to admit those 19x19" MultiGP Tiny Whoop class gates are impossibly tiny. Size would make sense for close quarters racing indoors. For outside in a field, maybe less.

Edit: Here’s the link to official MultiGP classes.

30"x30" size makes more sense for racing outside. That’s roughly a bit less than a square foot. Makes a more reasonable target. Certainly for a brushed micro quad, probably for a smallish brushed micro as well.

My suspicion is that the MultiGP micro class gate sizes are designed to force people to slow down. These classes are intended mostly for indoor racing. So you don’t want people to build too much momentum and go AWOL on spectators. :wink:

This summer, I plan to make up some micro gates and pylons as well. Should be fun to play around with, in addition to “natural obstacles” like trees and garden furniture. :smiley:


Styrofoam is your friend in this case :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah! Some soft padding definitely helps. :wink:

I’m planning on a 1/2" PVC structure, with foam pool noodles for padding. Or something like that. Mostly for a freestyle cube/tower thingamabob. :slight_smile:


So, after a week of feeling crappy, I finally found something that was 20’ and decided…hell, let’s try the 8020 100mm build…ahahahaha. yeah, um, 20 feet is not very far. Throttle “management” was crazy. :slight_smile:

Did some laps with the 18k Stock FC and the 19.6k MakerFire…haven’t looked at the footage, but the MakerFire felt faster. :slight_smile:


I’m torn right now between continuing to practice the track and posting my beecore for sale on ebay. So aggravated with that thing not liking the fast motors…
I may be joining back in with the makerfire and the 1 gram penalty.


I took off the CF brace on my Makerfire to save .4g…and broke a strut. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m at 19-20g on both, but even with Welder, I sure do like what the CF brace does for me.


I’m just upset with the makerfire for outside use cause I can’t get failsafe to work.


Since I’ve been sick, I didn’t feel like making pylons, so I tried to find a “natural” 20 feet around my property Apparently from one of the posts on the front porch to the tree in my front yard is just a little over 20 feet. (In hindsight going around a thick tree might hurt my times, who knows, and walking around your property with a tape measure makes your wife think you are running a fever)

So, went out with my Stock and my Makerfire, and decided to run the stock first…dropped a Tattu 220 in and gave it a shot. I did about 4 times with the Stock and 4 with the Makerfire…loaded it all in to After Effects and did the 1st attempt just to set it all up…and got 49:01. Now I just hope I set it up right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t looked at the other footage yet, but thought it would be good enough to post.

  • Stock FC (LVC mod and stock pigtail)
  • Stock Frame (repaired a million times)
  • RaceDayQuads 18k motors
  • @NotFastEnuf Shanghai Canopy
  • CrazePony AIO
  • Eachine Quad Props
  • Tattu 220 batteries


Wow :smiley: Great edit @PJC, really great. And superb flying too :slight_smile:


Yaaaaaaaaassssssss. Hahaha. We’re gonna have some good footage for head to head edits the Sunday night! !


I’ll be working on a 35 degree up tilt install of the bulldozer tonight! If I make it around 10 times - there’s no way it won’t be fast!


ha…just timed the 2nd attempt on the Stock…


maybe I should jump to the MakerFire stuff now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have to do the final, pretty edit later…but I thought the MakerFire was faster…not as fast as @JBFPV and his nano-whoop-rocket, but not bad for a standard Whoop at 20g. :smiley: