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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


We’ve seen you flip upside down while barrel rolling backwards under a chair leg…
Two pilons. Really.


Just having some fun w you.

It’ll be your turn to poke me when I post my video


That’s the thing, it’s easy to get one very fast lap, but to get 10 laps it’s a whole different thing :smiley:
My run isn’t 100% too, unfortunately :confused:
But keep going I’m really looking forward to what times you can come up with mate :smiley:


Crap! I was just watching footage from last attempts and I was going pretty good when my battery was dead. Turns out that was on lap 9!!! grrrr!! lol! :sob:


Post it up. I don’t think anyone would object to 9 good laps being featured! It’s all just for fun!


It’s 2:40 pm here, oh my god, it’s been nice all day.
I’m dying
Watching every second until I can get the hell out of here!!


Does anybody else have the simulator Liftoff?

I would love to race some of you (anybody, really just to fly with) when the weather sucks or at night.

They have a community feature that I’ve never been interested in using until now


OMG I just counted 10 laps on my ‘warmup’ battery. I’m not even joking. Probably not my the fastest I can do, can I have multiple entries? :smiley: Editing it right now…


Good point @JBFPV, multiple entries

@NotFastEnuf, and also what’s the deadline for entries? Are we already racing for Sunday’s crown right?


Here it is guys! I did NOT realize I got 10 laps already! And on my second battery! I’m feeling so cocky right now lol! :joy:

I can probably make it faster, as you can see I bumped the wall and I was ‘taking it easy’ getting some practice in. After this I kept failing on lap 9!

What I’ll do is try to make it faster, and I will post the fastest DVR before sunday. If I don’t get any faster I’ll just post the DVR of this one! :laughing:



Carnage! !!! Love it!


Holy crap! Was that PLA or what? Such damage! :scream:


When I saw this at first I was really scared that you broke your quad @Bobnova, but then I rememberd you have the 3d printed frame so you will be flying in no time!

Great run @JBFPV, I am really scared for my position now!

And yea rememering which lap was it can be really hard at times :smiley: I had many moments of “wait is it sixth lap or seventh already” when trying to fly this course :smiley:


Ha! Me too. I’m counting turns now to 20 instead of laps to 10. Was embarrassed to say that earlier! It sounded so easy when the idea hatched … almost too easy to be fun… then I tried it and stuck my foot right in my mouth!


How do you destroy so many frames? I thought I was abusive to my F36’s but I still haven’t even broken a strut on those. Lol


@jbfpv yeah it’s PLA, need to insulate my print bed and get some better cooling on the MOSFETs to make abs doable and safe. It’s fairly high on the list though.

@thexboxblaster oh I did, lol, but yeah it’s 25 cents of plastic and pretty much all hot glued together, 30-45 minutes and it’ll be in the air again. All the motors still spin under FC power, so we’re good there.

@NotFastEnuf I wasn’t going to say it either, but was planning on switching to counting corners as well, didn’t make it far enough before the issue pictured above though. I had to borrow my dad’s sd card to DVR it, will hopefully have the video to post tonight. It’s short.


Skills. In this case I backed into a 4x10 14 feet above concrete.

Basically I drive/fly like I’m racing and am not my own mechanic.
I am my own mechanic, though. Oh well.


Wow, that may actually work :smiley: I’am gonna try it tomorrow :smiley:

PS I added a timer to my run video too, because I wasn’t sure exactly what my time was (around 43 seconds didn’t cut it) :smiley:


This little printed jobby was waaaay faster than I expected.
I did one mostly charged battery flying around the house last night. Was quick!
Did one maybe half charged battery in the shop.
Then put a nice new (maybe 10 cycle) fully charged the night before battery in. Holy hell.
I should have practiced for another couple batteries, rather than immediately standing on it.

There’s one frame there where you can see a piece of the frame exiting stage left.

Reminds me a lot of a F1 car, crazy fast, back it into something and you’re left with a bunch of little pieces plus two wheels connected only via straps (or power leads).


here is my official entry, it wont be the fastest but i should place. the unofficial time is around 50sec (if i counted the laps right). Oh, and a spoiler, i hit some gates too!

damn, 3am will come early, im up way too late. but the funnest thing ive done since the last time i flew my babies