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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


Assetto corsa is the shit… it took a while to get used to it because it’s just so damn real. Burning out and skidding out left and right everywhere lol


Have my first fully completed run :smiley: I managed to do the 10 laps after about 12 batteries of fails…
I got to around 43 seconds :smiley:
I wonder if I will be able to fly this course with a QX90C, but judging how many times I crashed this ChinaWhoop it might be difficult with the QX which doesn’t have prop guards. But if the weather allows I think would be awesome to try it outdoors too.

DVR only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWOmBjtItPA


Very nice! Smooth run there.

Also, nuts. lol


What the deuce!!! That was faaaaaaaaaassssstttt!
Lol, the video of @Bobnova spanking me is uploading now… clearly @thexboxblaster will be wearing the crown next ( and for quite some time I imagine too -haha ). We will give Bobnova a few moments of glory on top while you post that dvr only footage and a few days for others to get a race posted that beats 52s for Sunday night’s upload.

Very well done @thexboxblaster!


@Bobnova … Enjoy it while it lasts. The bar is set pretty high now!


Thanks! :smiley: The DVR footage already in my previous post. Great job on organising and editing everything @NotFastEnuf. Can’t wait for Sunday night haha :smiley: But maybe someone beats me to it till then? Who knows :smiley:


I’m sure you’ll be featured at least … Hard to believe 2 posts will come in by Sunday that both beat that! Very good job on the sticks man - that video will be fine too! Cool that we can hear the (19.6’s maybe?) motors screaming!!! Gonna be quite a challenge for ANYTHING to beat that! Guess I’ll be competing now to just knock out Bobnova for runner up. Ha!


I’m not so sure man :smiley: I see @JBFPV liking my post so I don’t know what to expect haha :smiley:
Actually these are the 17kkV motors @NotFastEnuf :slight_smile:


Stellar performance, @thexboxblaster! :sunglasses:

I was just going to ask, how long until @JBFPV puts in a 10x Pylon performance? :wink:


Oh I am!

My new motors from Kado arrive today, including --if I reneger correctly-- some if his Race motors.
I fully intend to chase @thexboxblaster down!

Probably not this weekend as I’m headed to Sonoma to watch the 24 Hours of Lemons (not to be confused with LeMans) race there.
Rest assured, I’ll be getting faster!


I had a 92’ Camaro I traded my old boss. He was gonna run it in the 24 hours of Lemons, lol.

I also have those 19.6kv kados motors, can’t wait to put them to the test!


I’m charging my batteries and looking for a measuring device and suitable pylons right now :grimacing:

Gotta check out them rules


Yeah actually, what are the rules pertaining to the quads themselves. 6mm motors only? Under a certain size or weight?


No rules. Just the track size. Run what ya brung


Very few rules here as of yet. Track size, timing and scoring, that’s about it!

If @denovich rolls in with a 15s time then I could see some class rules.
On the other hand the tiniest mistake at that power level and you’re halfway to Canada. If the quad still flies.


…Aahhh shit!!

There goes all my chances of ever seeing a crown :crown:

I’m charging my batteries and looking for a measuring device and suitable pylons right now

Just kidding @JBFPV!!

Man, I can’t wait to see your footage !!

I’m still at work, but making good use of my time on breaks:

[quote=“JBFPV, post:112, topic:3971”]


Just measured and setup the track, damn our house is too small. I have to take it to the backyard and even that gives little room for error. I really have to slow myself down or I will never get 10 laps! Things like this make me realize I’m not so good at racing at all lol! It’s fun though, I’m feeling the competitive spirit! Will get a nice crash compilation as well! :joy:




We’ve all seen your videos…

Your crown :crown: awaits, Sire :prince:t4:


Haha hold yer horses! I first have to survive for 10 laps! Only got like 40 cm of space left behind the pylons to make my turn! And surrounded by branches lol


I tried diagonally in my garage with 4 feet behind the pylons and hit the wall so hard I broke my first e010 prop ever! If you pull that off …