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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


Thats cool. I always found car sims annoying for that reason… totally lacks authentic car feel, as awesome as they can be…

Speaking of games, I would LOVE to find a way to make an ace combat 7 simulator with joystick… that would be the bees knees!


They actually do have full flight sim hardware also. You should see the cockpits people make.

The forcefeedback in the steering wheel is amazing too. I can feel the backend starting to get loose and correct it faster and more accurately than just visuals alone. It’s also amazing how it gives a sense of the weight moving around and the effect the topography of the road has on it.

I think we’re derailing the thread a bit now though, haha.


Nah, racing is on topic in any form!


I dont want to get too far afield of whoops, but sim auto racing
by iRacing.com is the absolute pinnacle of realism from many
and varied standpoints. Many a soul has been lost in the vast
horizons of it’s territory, And sim setups can run far north of
$5K if you get the bug bad. Championship winning wheel
and pedal setups, on the other hand, can be had for $250.
Hi, my name is Bob and I am an iRacing junkie. I used to race
4, 5, 6 hours a day…every day…
actually I’m just a plain racer, which will explain
everything to another racer. So when whoop races popped up,
that’s all I needed to hear!!. If anybody is serious about Simulation
Auto Racing, it’s iRacing.com. All the rest are games…
Nuff oratory, I gotta order some parts, put new motors in the
whoops, figure out video editing and youtubeing. I have two
runs in the can, just need to learn how to post. Much respect and
recognition and appreciation to NotFastEnuf for sparkplugging
this series…and to BobNova for setting the bar at a
respectable height…


Just a thought, but we all know @Bobnova has the crown right now. If someone want to knock him off by surprise, then you can pm me a link to your video. Otherwise I will edit him handing it to me tomorrow morning. I know I said wed night, but I was “inspired” by Jesse Perkins to get in the garage and make another Tiny ₩hoop canopy mold tonight. The Mohawk is coming soon! Haha


You’re not the only one out in the garage tonight!

I actually had a really good (dubious, discuss) idea too, that’s for the next nano racer build though. It’s going to dominate! (citation needed)


Do tell! And crappie you beat my best build by a gram. Must you one up me on everything @Bobnova! Here is the mold - not going on on a whoop but on a @PJC style 8.5 build. I’m gonna call it - “the perkins” - equipped with punk Mohawk for the guy that just needs to look tough!


How about the TinyDink ?


Loving the mohawk! That’s awesome.

I can’t claim any credit on that frame btw, that’s all David Johnson on Thingieverse:

I found it via JBFPV’s Ultralight:

I haven’t trimmed any wires, removed connectors, or anything, I think I can probably cut another gram off. Plus the prop guards can go at some point. Not just yet though, already broke one on the first flight (slammed into a water glass at high speed. Oops).


Getting closer… just have to trim up the flaps on the arms nice and bolt it down.


Mounting flaps are an interesting idea. Couple loom bands and presto!


Yeah considered that - but 8.5’s can haul nylon bolts. Holes drilled… getting closer


You think I should adjust the mold to trim off the overhang on the sides? Either way I’ll run it a few days like this - glad I opened the rules up to any racer! Haha. The “Perkins” is coming for ya @Bobnova. You keep building smaller and I’ll build bigger. That should make things interesting! Special mention goes out to @PJC for the inspiration!


If you’re going to make a few for that frame it seems worthwhile to mold the sides to match the frame. It’d look quite snazzy too as it looks like the slope of the sides will fit to the frame almost perfectly without the E010 mounting tabs.

Also, that’s awesome.

2.also: Bring it.


It looks cool this way, but I would agree that if it flowed down flush it would look totally integrated. DVR footage with tire swings please. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can’t imagine running my 8.5 in a twenty foot 2 pylon… This should be interesting.


Just to clarify, which types of quads are allowed? Only the tiny whoop or bigger brushed quads too?


Anything you got @thexboxblaster,
See the first post
I’m going to try a couple whoops and just for giggles, my alien w onboard dvr.
Can’t wait to get home today.


That Mohawk looks like an F1 air intake!

And iracing is cool but everyone knows assetto corsa is better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Not sure if your on the sim racing subreddit, that would stir up a ton of drama)

I hope to put a run or 2 in this weekend with the Nifty.


Thanks for the feedback guys! This one is an absolute bear to get the mold out of the formed part with the double thickness plastic. Almost destroyed it. Fortunately it’s fixable I think. Really gets wedged between the camera sleeve and the mohawk. I was just rushing to see something on there last night. @JointDexter - I think the nifty and @Bobnova’s new ultralight are gonna be the new feature soon! The thinking behind the short course was sort of the “baseball diamond magic geometry” - in other words that the course itself is sort of an equalizer. The faster you can go - the more any tiny mistakes cost you time! @Kamsleo69 - I can’t wait to see the alien on the track! @PJC is going to be a strong competitor when he feels better and is up to the race! I’m gonna hang a tire swing and record whatever happens with that soon just for you brother! I won’t stand a chance with 8.5’s on a 20 ft track but it’s fun to talk some smack with it - hence it’s name “the perkins”. That little quad is all bark and no…LOL (I gotta stop before I get bitter - haha)