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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


I’m trying to fix my *@#$^%@#% gate opener, once that’s done it’ll be time to rebuild whoops. Right now they’re all sort of trashed!


I picked not very visible pylons and nearly got green going round and round… 20’ is not very far apart at all. :slight_smile:

I will need to make another run.


Before I passed out on cold meds, I went around trying to find something that was 20’ and thought the same…dang…I’m gonna get dizzy! :stuck_out_tongue:


I find myself leaning while flying it.


Agreed, I’ve already learned a sweeping turn around the pylon is faster than a slide into a 180 redirect…


Yeah, my porch course is very limiting in that regard.


I’m also practicing the slide to 180 by initiating well before the pylon - it feels like I’m gonna turn too early but then slides out just barely around the post. I can only pull that off about 70 % of the time. Haven’t had a chance to review yesterday’s footage to see if it’s as fast as the smooth turn. I doubt it though. Overall it’s much harder than I thought when I proposed this or than it sounds by description of the course… I’m pretty excited about that!


When I can get that tight 180 slide to work (not often) it feels faster, especially with the 7mm PaW (it has a lot more punch) if I really tilt over and stand on it.
That’s also how I knocked the pylon over.


That’s the beauty of a quad, right? I know when I’m going around my little course in the house, the best turns are the ones that I start sliding into the turn. When I used to do LOS with my Inductrix and was first learning, I did a little 2 pylon thing and basically never touched yaw. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was finding that flying as fast as I could in a circle seemed to be the way to go with the big quad. There just isn’t enough space for throttle control. I half-assed 5 laps in under 30s, but I think my 1304 based quad will ultimately be my fastest option.


I considered that too when you said you were breaking out the big dog - one big orbit with a 20 ft diameter! Hahaha


Guess we need a thread title change here!
Definitely hoping the races live, racing is life!


Nice idea @NotFastEnuf, I will try setting up the course in the house tomorrow :smiley: Nice occasion to get my good-ol ChineseWhoop going too. Thanks!


Sounds a little like Trail Braking:


Trail breaking is more of a way of keeping the weight of the car under control through the corner. Keeps a bit more weight on the front tires as well to help stop understeer (brake too much and you’ll go in a straight line :wink:)

I think what he meant was that LOS the orientation doesn’t matter as much so you don’t have to turn the front of the quad around. Just start to strafe into the turn then change the momentum backward and come out of the other side of the turn like that. At least in the case of going 180 degrees around a pylon.


It feels like there’s something similar about the two, but I don’t have the words. Sounds like you’re totally familiar with trail braking; that was something I was trying to get more adept at, but I haven’t gotten it down yet.


I’m crazy when it comes to cornering… I prefer a smooth corner if possible, but from LOS experience I know this:
While Blasting forward at full speed - left stick yaw 180, punch right stick forward, avoid obstacle… :slight_smile: of course tt does not look smooth at all, and puts a crap load of stress on the motors but it sure is fun.


I’m an auto tech and all around car guy. Built a sim racing setup because I’ve always hated trying to do real driving with a controller. Ever tried to rev match downshifts on a controller? It’s like trying to play dark souls blindfolded. First you have to maintain the proper amount of braking with your brake finger, disengage the clutch with the same hand while keeping constant brake pressure, then rev up to just the right rpm with your right hand while simultaneously shifting to the next gear, then you have to engage the clutch again while still keeping that constant brake pressure. All to do it over again in about half a second. Much easier to heel-toe with “real” pedals :wink:


I was giggity on the “sim racing setup”, but then you started on fingers and hands, and my heart sank. I started setting up a sim setup for Forza, but then I got rid of my TV (for other reasons)… haven’t played a console in years.


I mostly use it for Forza 4 but will use it for some pc sims once I build it (Next few weeks). If your on instagram look me up, same name as here. I have a pic and a quick vid of a replay of me screwing around drifting an R34 (Or maybe it was an R33, can’t remember)

The finger thing is everything you need to do to rev match a downshift on the controller. Same concept as with a real layout only 100x harder since it takes impeccable timing and trigger control.

Edit: What’s nice with my sim setup is that it uses a load cell on the brake pedal to give a more realistic feel. You actually use force to control braking in game as opposed to a simple position pedal using a potentiometer. This helps a ton under braking, especially doing heel-toe.