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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


This is so cool, you guys rock!
The stage is set, the time to beat is official.
And…the carnage has begun!!


I’ll pop the hood on mine for anyone interested - furibee frame, e010 fc, 59k motors, 150mah 45c, kingkong q25vtx (heavy), auw about 24.5g.

This is my indoor flyer for chasing my 2 yr old around. Sort of my beater whoop (heaviest & slowest). Can’t wait to see if I have the skills to make more power on a faster rig work for me or against me! It was significantly more challenging than I thought to do this. I crashed on lap 7 - 1st take, lap 9.5 - 2nd take, and posting is the 3rd take and second attempt on a pack - was running out of juice at the end.


Looks like the bar is set at about 1 min flat on 10 laps. I’ll wear a burger king crown till Wed when I get knocked off! You guys got this!


Both gained weight during repairs.
I’m plotting lightweight builds of both as well!


This here, this is a fun business!

I’m going to try to meet up with Bobomo over lunch today, take a whack at this in a more open area.

I managed to knock one of my pylons over with the PaW. I was impressed.


This is RAD, guys! I can’t wait to feel better to try my stock FC build and my MakerFire…I actually don’t know which would be “faster” on this type of course.

pops tons of vitamins and DayQuil and goes back to bed


I was seriously considering angle mode, something I don’t generally do.
(Nothing against it at all, I just know how I learn. I want acro to feel natural and easy, which means I need to fly it 100% of the time and fly like a nutjob. The second part comes naturally)

Looking forward to more people joining in!
I’m hoping we have enough for a decent leaderboard along with the King of the Hill crown+video.


I’m looking forward to an acro run myself. The e010 was aggravating to keep the nose down. My fastest whoop has a mullet on it now for the eBay photo shoot. I need to put on a bulldozer to get the up tilt angle back up over 35 degrees.


Maybe I could sponsor prizes like a - you pay the shipping and I send you free canopies- for someone that holds the “crown” through a certain # of challenges?


this is a cool idea! loving the first race! lol @Bobnova u really slammed hard into that post! looked like it hurt


It did. Kind of bummed YouTube cut the impact and instant static off the end.

That one just knocked everything loose, but no permanent damage!


I’d love to see @Benedikt get in here - the creator of the “Rambo Whoop” and give us a real mark to beat! If he sets the bar high enough - I’d definitely send out some canopies to whoever can dethrone him as a prize! Hahaha


FWIW: DVR is not a reliable time source… static = dropped frames.

I’m going to be flying this afternoon. I think I’m going to try this out. 20’ circles is going to be an interesting challenge with 2207/2600kV on 5S… :slight_smile:


I look forward to seeing your lap time.


Can’t post video from here, but there’s a sub 1m run in the can!


I better step up my game before wed night! Well done!


Just killed the receiver on the Nifty but have 2 more on the way. Will have to try this and see how I do once she’s back up and flying. LOS for now unfortunately though :disappointed:

Edit: Also this: [quote=“Denovich, post:53, topic:3971”]
FWIW: DVR is not a reliable time source… static = dropped frames.
We may need to use outside footage for timing and scoring :wink:


There we go.

CF repaired whoop! Broke a different duct trying for faster. Time to swap into a new frame and add some lightness!


I’ve been dethroned! I ran a few more attempts at it with the e010 board. Now that I’ve lightened it up - I can’t keep it down on the course. With the limited bank angle - I don’t think any of my runs beat 52s. So…

All hail the king! @Bobnova!

That was a really clean run! Reminds me of what @burtlo said the other day: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

I’ll still wait to do another side by side edit till wed night - that way there’s a chance for someone else to jump in the feature.


I may just have to stay up a little late to get my hotrod in racing condition!