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Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


I say no additional rules. Fly anything. Just 20 feet between two poles. Do a circle, oval, figure 8, flip in the corners, fly acro or level … whatever makes you fast! Hahaha. The course is short enough that it will equalize different builds, motor sizes, etc in my opinion. Who knows, let’s find out what the shirt course top dog is. “Run what ya brung” we used to say in drag racing!


Sounds good to me!
Can always add classes later.


20 ft gives me just enough room to make the turns in a 2 car garage diagonally so I can fly at night. My pylons will be my toddlers kiddie basketball hoop and a long cardboard box. Lol


I smell some "micro carnage " comming along w this thread as well!!


I like the 20’ distance between pylons. I fly indoors and anything bigger than this does not fit. My pylons at cardboard paper towel rolls with paper plate bases. Tends to minimize carnage. I have lost a motor to a pool noodle, bottom popped off. (I know drill out props). Since we are flying LOS, from which angle do we film the race, for consistency?


Actually flying fpv but los is welcome. Just put your camera at the start/ finish line! Fly over it closely at the end


I’m in.
I do auto repair and 20 ft fits nicely in one bay,
Floor jack at each end, handle is the pylon.
just gotta work out the recording camera specifics.
Meet you all at the top

“Racing is Life. Everything else is waiting…”



Now to race!

Youtube thoughtfully cut the last second or so off, but there’s enough there for the timing and scoring officials.


My other run I hit the down course post at lap 9.5 and ended up upside down.
There’s a theme here.
It’s dark out there now, we’ll see how take three goes…


I love the pole hit at the end! I’m not sure if that was on purpose or not but I was considering doing that intentionally for fun and due to a lack of space in my garage so I don’t have to let off at the end.

You were getting it pretty solid there! I don’t have my dvr, but I may set up an sj4000 looking at a spare screen just to jump in tonight! Well done! Now we just need a challenger!!


Accident, I’ll call it brainfade!
Almost exactly how the first 9.5 lap run went. I have one in the can now though, 11-12 on camera!
Going to do another couple Whoop batteries and a Print-a-whoop or two. This’ll probably be the end of the current print-a-whoop frame, it’s fairly beat up already. I’d say it’s probably 10-15% hot glue by weight, and it’s missing some of the upper part of one duct.


Well I just tried in my 2 car garage diagonally. Couldn’t pull it off. About destroyed a whoop! Super fun though. Gonna open the garage door and try to hit one pole in the dark!


Well done Bob Nova!! Track looks a touch narrow but you seem
to handle it very well. I’m needing to get the DVR working on my Eachine
goggles, one of the most un-intuitive processes I’ve ever seen and we
already know about any possibly meaningful documentation.
I’ve put laps in on my course and a difficulty for me is altitude climb
putting the power on after the turn. More laps…more practice
Congrats on the first King of the Mountain, Mr. Nova, we will see
you on track! :checkered_flag:


Round about 1m 16s, I’ll leave it to Timing and Scoring to come up with an official number.

This is a Chinawhoop, Crazepony “68k” motors (no way in hell), Beecore Frsky FC, Eachine “45c” (yeah, right) 150mAh battery, Notfastenuf canopy and VM275T camera with Ultralight Dipole.
Eventual result: Broke a duct. Cure: Superglue and carbon fiber.


Round about 1m 09s.

This is the Print-a-Whoop, Syma X5 motors (7mm, geared quad so high kV), Tattu 600mAh battery, H8 Blue FC with Silverware, VM275T camera with stock dipole.
It lost a strut, cracked a duct rim in two places, and broke that same duct.
It was given a choice between significant amounts of hot glue and last rites. It chose the glue.


Definitely went way overkill, but that duct is not breaking again!

Not in the same place anyway.

Also de-mounted the canopy, and the camera from the canopy. That I’ll deal with tomorrow.


Well, while you posted all that, I edited your first video and recorded mine off a spare fpv screen. Lol. 2:30 am here - gotta call it. I’ll post what I did and review your other footage tomorrow! Hahaha.

So give it a few min and the second post in this thread will have the first official race.


Post #2 updated with an example. Open to constructive criticism & advice. …

LEADER: NotFastEnuf (@bobnova posted more videos while the first one was being uploaded but his first run looked the fastest - lol).

First example of an edited race


Ahh it was going decently until I plowed into the pylon!
I’m going to make a crash compilation at some point here, certainly have plenty of material.


I will say @Bobnova’s first footage was fast! A really close race! What you got under the hood there buddy?


If it wasn’t so late - I’d make a snazzy intro and add music. Maybe could use clips from our blooper reels… hopefully there will be more and we’ll get there in time! And I need my dvr back - my footage is garbage…