Community Whoop Races - group invite - 3rd race up! (post #2)


Agreed! It was a lot of fun to do this. I had no idea how challenging a simple circle would be when you have to make 10 laps!!

So new idea… @Velcrofpv gave me an idea for a new challenge inspired by the spirit of this one!!! Unfortunately I forgot what he called it but I love this…

We need to do a freestyle competition which @Velcrofpv calls _____________ (to be edited with actual name later) … maybe it was something like “MMC GAME OF AND ONE”. Possibly start a new thread for it to keep it clean. Game goes like this … I go bust ONE trick and post the video here (or in the new thread). @JBFPV you accept the challenge and go bust the same trick AND ONE more & post. @Velcrofpv accepts the challenge and rips the first 2 tricks and one more! On and on this way. Ideally I’d like to see us help each other here if you do something totally sick that others may not know how to do. Sort of a behind the scenes tutorial in our typical MMC supportive fashion. Or maybe we could even start including the tutorials in the videos. Those with more primo editing skills can offer links to other pilots videos in their videos but if we all title the same way … YouTube analytics should start pulling a lot of links as suggestions. Maybe we should include what round we are in as part of the title. What do you guys think? If you like it … I’ll start the thread and outline guidelines about video title names and how to participate. You could even call out who you are challenging next then send them your link or tag them here. Any craft could join in as certain guys here (you know who you are lol) have proven that even a whoop can do ANYTHING!


Hey Travis! It’s a good idea, actually Josh Evans (tiny whoop team pilot) had this idea 6 months ago. We were thinking of calling it ‘one up’ series and it would be like a battle format; JBee vs Josh, we recorded the first line but things got quiet after that. I was up for the idea but I don’t really like being forced to do specific lines or tricks. Especially right now, I have promised myself not to fly for videos and focus on just getting a lot of stick time in to reach the next level, whilst having fun in the process. So I’d say good idea, but I’d rather not make promises that I will regret.


Understood. Well maybe if we continue we will consider it bad form to call out another pilot. Others may feel the same way. That way participation is voluntary. :wink: No doubt you’ll enjoy watching if we do it. :smile:


Challenging each other is not bad, nothing wrong with some friendly competition. I just don’t want to commit to more obligations, I already put so much to my own to-do list! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’ll join though I just don’t want to make any promises.


I like it! Challenge or open, or both.
I need to spend some quality time with a boss and a couple pylons too.
And get my 5" going again, I think I can get damn close to a top time on this challenge despite the 43’ pylons.


Well, I still haven’t beaten @thexboxblaster’s 32.44s time, but I’m getting closer! Right about 35s here.

If I can tighten things up, I can do it. Only need to find 3 seconds!

Of course, this is a 5" with waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more power than a 8.5mm brushed build, even if the course is a bit over twice as long there’s rather more than 2x the power.
Any of y’all brushless flyers want to take a whack? 43’, 10 laps :smiley:

Includes a little freestyle after the racing.


Love seeing the old topics come back to life, in your case with some flair, my friend.


Still not 32s. 34s is faster than 35s though!
The GoPro adds about a hundred grams, it hurts.
1080p60 though!