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Hey guys,

I’m a lower level electrical engineer, specializing in PCB design and Embedded systems. I’m just getting into FPV and Whoops in particular, I’d really like to help the community drive innovation in any way I can. I was thinking about designing my own open source Flight Controller but I don’t think I know enough about what problems need to be solved in Micro Brushed flight for it to be worth it to just try and add some efficiency in the MOSfet H-bridges and adding a flash chip for black box logging.

What are some things that could make big gains in this community? I saw things like the PWM switching frequency Vs output power. How could I design a tool or experiment that could prove or show a need in this community. even if I don’t know how to use the tool my self I’d love to create open source schematics and layouts for everyone to use and learn from.

I’d of course also love to learn from you all, I’m really looking for someone to have a need that allows me to venture into a world of electronics design I haven’t delved into before. if you could look over the schematics I create for the community and offer feedback that would be greatly appreciated as well.

what are some things you all would like to see?