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Community Races - Velocidrone Edition (This time posted correctly...)


Thanks for sharing that! Gave me an idea of how its done!

I want to hone my skills, so I downloaded Velocidrone. Would anyone mind sharing recomended quad settings I should dial in beyond the default?


Basically just your rates, I’m flying the stock PIDs, not sure they actually do anything.
You do want to turn battery simulation off, it doesn’t really add anything helpful imo.


Thanks! I’ll be using the times you’re all getting as inspiration :smiley:


You’re welcome and invited to post what you get!


Once I’m good enough to get through all the gates, then I will totally do that. Even if it’s ridiculous compared to you guys! :rofl:

I’ve set my rates to what the tutorials said were a good balance between race and freestyle, which is where I’d like my “flight style” to be eventually (settings below). I’m thinking I may need to tone them down and work my way back up.

I’m just hoping I have the right settings dialed in so these skills translate over to my Silverwared e011 (eventually AlienWhoop Zero). :thinking:


I’d give it some more expo, maybe 0.3 or so. It’s nice to have a fairly slow center stick.
Rates are very personal though, so you mileage may vary.

I run 1.3rc 0.7super 1.3 expo on pretty much everything every whoops, where I run 700 degrees and 0.4 expo. For whatever that’s worth.


Thanks for the info! As promised…here’s my first run all the way through Split-S (where I finally managed to fly through the tube vs. crash)!

Guess I can only improve from here :laughing:

Here are the pids I settled on…so far. Still working that out:


Welcome to the game, @MicroPinchPilot . So glad you could join us!!! :smiley:

@Bobnova Sorry in advance for this seemingly silly question; did velocidrone get an update? It’s running amazing on my rig out of no where!!! Also the quad is flying with no “bobble effect” when letting off the throttle… I remember messing around with the PID controller and it would never go away, and now out of no where its gone, and the quad feels 100% dialed in in the game…


Alright y’all, Race4 is incoming!
I’ll tally up Race3 tomorrow and post the results (so if you want a last shot at it, now’s the time!).

Race Four is Industrial Wasteland - Porco Something (second from the top).
Will post a picture of race settings tomorrow too.

3 laps though, at Industrial Porco.

Like so: