Community Races - Velocidrone Edition (This time posted correctly...)


Awesome! I’ll post some times tonight!


New Race and Mode!

Endurance Mode!!!

7 Laps in less than 3 min! And I thought holding it together for 3 laps was hard!

Football Stadium --> Split-S Track

So far @Bobnova is getting close to finishing the race with 6 laps at 2:38:175! Damn that’s fast!


@Bobnova @SkyNectar Woooooo!!! I finished first! Considering I’m the only one to finish and that this is day one of the race, it’s not saying much haha!

BTW @Bobnova I agree, I don’t think I blinked once during that race and now my eyes hurt… Need eye drops lol.


Deleted. Vid won’t upload…


Alright, well here’s what I’ve got so far at 7 laps… Off to a roaring start but then it all went to hell, lol.


Just submitting this to get a time in, 1 crash lol 3:08 … This is truly a challenge lol my hands start sweating around lap 4 hahahahah not to mention it literally becomes a giant blur after 3 laps hahahah

Going to have to keep on keeping on…

This was quite the challenge @Imozeb ! :smiley: good call on this one. much fun!


Just got in a better 7 lap endurance time 3:01 with 0 crashes, however i crashed like 4 times just was able to catch it just right to avoid that crash counter from accepting it as a crash hahahah in RL its likely the quad would have been downed hahahah Gotta shave off like 22 seconds to grab # 1 :smiley:

I was grounded today (not able to fly in RL) so i decided to hop on the simulator - It’s amazing being able to fly to my hearts content without fear of crashing and losing money, AND I get to blast music loudly to keep me pumped up :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: so lucky to have a simulator…AND from the comfort of my own home, where the fridge is literally just a few feet away LMAO

Edit Edit:

new personal best time 4 crashes, 2 minutes 54 seconds … bleh lol my fingers hurt



Yeah. My eyes burn after just three laps because I don’t blink!


Save your blinking for the straight aways u guys! :smiley: hahaha


What straightaways? You mean the full throttle delicate bits? Lol


Lol thats what i tried to do but easier said than done. Maybe blink just as you hit the gate?


Alright y’all, I bring you… 2m 37.492s!

But wait! There’s video!



Now the competition starts! :joy:


Oh yeah! Good job @Bobnova ! Looks like I’m going to need a cup of coffee, its going to be a looooong night of trying to beat that time lol



Eyes hurt now… Must quit staring my computer screen and use my FPV goggles to fly my whoop… oh wait… :laughing:


Ho boy, it just got real in here! That’s a hell of a time!

Challenge accepted.


holy canoli lol Good job @Imozeb … Now i need a really LARGE cup of coffee :smiley: heheh



I’ve found that I need a fresh reboot to prevent frame skipping for a quarter second every 30s or so. Frame skips are death!


Ten minutes into this session I got a 2m 25.461s race. Otherwise known as about 300ms too slow (0.1%…)

40 minutes of crashing later…

@Imozeb your move :metal:


AWESOME! :smiley: good job @Bobnova .

Is there a deadline for this particular course? Ive been wanting to try to get a better time but life has been bussyyyyy! I wish I had more time to fly.


There hasn’t been one mentioned yet, no.