Community Races - Velocidrone Edition (This time posted correctly...)


Race 1 final results are in post #2.

Fast Lap Section:

Bobnova, 17.598s
Imozeb - 19.686s
SkyNectar - 18.546

Three Lap Race Section:

Bobnova - 1m 2.499s
Imozeb - 1m 4.706s
SkyNectar - 1m 9.905s



@Mullet Don’t know if you saw these community races, but I know you have velocidrone so I figured I’d tag ya! :wink: Join in on the fun with us!

New track coming up next?

@Imozeb you got 2 trail tracks? lol i thought there was only 1?



There were two scenery options when I was on trial 1.11, I only ever did the one race 1 was at, don’t know if the other has an actual track or not.
If it does, we’ll do that one next! Whatever it is.


@SkyNectar Yeah I think it was empty daylight scene that the trial also gets free. A couple hairpins turns and maybe a split S on that track.

@Bobnova Congrats! I just never could shave off those two seconds without crashing haha!


Submitting a new best lap time for the swiss nationals 2016 track, @ 25s 867ms and I am using the qq190 with stock settings on the quad since its the stock quad and that is what the trial is using. 45-49* tilt, at 500*/sec rates

Now THIS is a fun track!!! @Bobnova You are going to have a blast with this one. @Imozeb good job on reading the fine print hehehe :smiley: You found an amazing new course to fly! I never noticed that there was a second course. So many cool features to this course, its much more relaxing than the football stadium split s IMO.

There is also a really cool track editor on velocidrone… I may try to make a really really fun course (although it is time consuming from what I’ve messed around with) hopefully with lots of cool lights so its all trippy and fun.



I’m on my way out of town and won’t be about to post settings pictures until Tuesday or Wednesday, but have at the track and feel free to post results!

Maybe @skynectar can post the track/“scenery” settings for me.


These are the scenery/track and settings for what I was flying in the earlier picture…

I haven’t flown it since, but it sure is fun. :smiley: Can’t wait to try it again. It’s funny though cuz in RL I’d never get as many restarts as I do in the sim haha Thank goodness for the unlimited lifespan of quadcopters in the sims…

One of the best $20 I’ve ever spent lol


Here is my attempt at the track. Much worse than my football stadium race haha!

I didn’t beat @SkyNectar fastest lap time (damn that’s fast 26.529 sec! How?!?!), but I did get the new fastest 3-lap time by being consistently slow! Haha!

I can’t get those sharp turns at the end fast enough without losing control and sometimes I miss the last down in down-up-down gate at the beginning. Any advice?


damn bro, thats a good overall race time, and with no crashes… its hard to keep it together for 3 whole laps as bobnova mentioned lol

potential advice:

gas it through the whole beginning squence ground gate/flags/ground gate, up through the top then aim DOWN while coming out of the high top gate… Get in and out of that split S by making it as tight as possible, and literally gas it through the entire green cube/flags/blue cube/flags… (that part I find fun :smiley: )

the tough part is the sharp turns at the end; you really gotta hold on to your seat for that one lol idk how to describe doing it, but i just about touch or am on top of each flag while cross coordinating yaw and roll, and also pulsing the throttle (letting off throttle as I “touch” each flag ) and correcting with pitch every here and there to not crash or go too high… its weird. I basically almost try to hit the flag but not really… its a technique I call “pestering” lol

I also set my tilt to 49, and fly really low rates ( 500) which also takes a second to get used to, but I’m decent at adapting to new controls…

When you have a few different quads to fly in RL, you must be able to adapt lol so the simulator comes in handy in that way.


Pestering lol!

Yeah I only have my 3” and whoop right now IRL so I don’t get to much practice switching rates. And my controller is charging so I may not be able to get in any runs today.


OK here we go.

RACE 2: Empty Scene - Daylight - Swiss Nationals


This race will run until 23:59:59 Pacific Standard Time on August 8th 2018 (AKA: Midnight next Wednesday night, Pacific time)


Best 3 Lap Race:

  1. @Imozeb - 1m 36.152s
  2. @SkyNectar - 1m 37.481s
  3. @Bobnova - 1m 45.934s

Best Lap:

  1. SkyNectar - 25.867s
  2. Bobnova - 25.988s
  3. Imozeb - 30.057s


Results of my first attempts at race2:

@Mullet I hear you have Velocidrone, join us? :smiley:


New fast lap! 25.988s. Needs more work but it’s progress!


Noiiiice!!! Good job man. Now i gotta put the pedal to the metal lol that course is a hell of a lot of fun. I love the green/blue cube swirls lol


Definitely a fun course! Large enough gates to really haul the mail.


Well, I wasn’t paying attention to my own competition!
I thought it was this coming Wednesday… oops!

Winners are:

@Imozeb Congratulations! As winner of best race, you can choose the next course! No pressure :smiley:


I won something? :smiley: hehe by a hair

@Imozeb congrats on best 3 lap race!

I need to do more flying on Velocidrone, just been so caught up with the day to day lately. I will say though, this online internet session is sick! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.



Sorry… I’m not really sure what should be the next course since those are the only two courses in the trial version. I’m considering buying the full version, but it’s so addicting to not be worried about breaking stuff in crashes or the weather/bugs (95+ F weather in the summer here with high humidity and gnats), that I feel if I get the full version, I won’t fly real quads anymore! And, I play other PC games a bit too much… Haha! :sweat_smile:

If we want to add a new mode (Endurance Mode), maybe that football stadium track again with 7 laps?!? We may be able to finish that under 3 min, since our times for that track was much better than the other. If not, you guys can race a different full version track, and I’ll join in later. (Maybe post a vid of flying the track @Bobnova like you did earlier?)

Also, how’s the multiplayer? Are the queue times long or are a bunch of people playing?


I am down for an endurance mode session :smiley: , havent tried multiplayer just yet


I’ll get an official-ish post going sometime in the next couple days, but the races start now! Football stadium - Split-s, 7 laps!

Here’s a fast single-lap challenge :scream: