Community Races - Velocidrone Edition (This time posted correctly...)


Welcome to the races!
@NotFastEnuf’s Community Whoop Races inspired me to run something similar. This edition is Velocidrone based.
Velocidrone has a free version, works with any TX that can appear as a game controller (dead simple with my X9D+, easy enough with my Devo 7E), will do all the timing and scoring for us, and costs about $20 if you get tired of the limitations of the trial.

On to the bit about racing!

I’ll be changing tracks on a schedule I haven’t decided on yet, it depends on how much interest this gets. This first round (see post #2) will be at the track available in the trial: Football Stadium - Split-S.

Races will have two categories, best 3 lap “race”, and Best Single Lap. These should be fairly self explanatory.

Submit entries by posting a screenshot (see post #3, where I enter my own race), you can post separate screenshots for best race and best lap if you’d like.

I’ll track results in the post I use for each race, and maybe this post too.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc. PLEASE let me know! Feedback is how I make things better!


Final results for race one!:

Fast Lap Section:

  1. Bobnova, 17.598s
  2. Imozeb - 19.686s
  3. SkyNectar - 18.546

Three Lap Race Section:

  1. Bobnova - 1m 2.499s
  2. Imozeb - 1m 4.706s
  3. SkyNectar - 1m 9.905s

First race is the FootBall Stadium “scenery”, and “Split-S” course.
Observe the screenshot below for exact settings.
For those of you in the Trial edition of Velocidrone, this is the only interesting course available. We will return here periodically to give Trial users multiple races.

Three laps. Post screenshots of your results as in the post below.
Currently crashes are OK! If it looks like they’re being abused I’ll change that later. Don’t worry if you have a crash or four for now.

Remember: You can post separate screenshots for Best 3 Lap Race and Best Lap!


Here’s A) My Entry and B) Roughly what your screenshot should look like.

This is my entry to 3 Lap Race as well as Fastest Lap.

It needs to include the entire Velicodrone window with this Race Results window up.

To easily capture it:

  1. At race end press ALT+PrintScreen on your keyboard.
  2. Press the Start/Windows button.
  3. Type “paint” and hit enter, this will open Paint.NET
  4. Hit CTRL+V to paste the screenshot into Paint.
  5. Press the “Crop” button to crop the image to the size of the screenshot.
  6. Save it somewhere.
  7. Reply to this thread and upload your image.
  8. Please include whether you’re entering the 3 Lap Race, Fastest Lap, or both.

If you keep going and have a faster race/lap feel free to enter that one! Please either edit your previous entry and let me know you did, or create a new post with your new entry.


Loving this idea! It is pure genius, and takes the whoopraces concept to a whole new level! It’s a super smart idea to just use ALT+PrintScreen for a quick screen shot of your times, I was always wondering how to get a solid picture of your times before they “go away”… Now we can really get this party started!, (and we can all play from all around the world too :smiley: ! )

As soon as I can I’m going to slam some laps down on that split S track and post my times. Hopefully tonight.


3 Lap Race. Third attempt.

Turns out I’m not terrible at flying quads! My old laptop (quad one) was too slow to play this and lagged terribly, so I downloaded Velocidrone on my newer laptop and I don’t suck anymore! haha! It’s so smooth!

Getting faster (40 deg cam tilt, previous 35 deg same is IRL 3 incher)!

Final race for the day! This is too addicting!


Excellent! Thanks for joining in!
Hopefully there’ll be a bunch of us :smiley:


My best lap this evening: 17.714.
Best race: 1:02.499

Your move :smiley:


@Bobnova I am updating my fastest lap time, finally broke into the 18s… still gotta get into the 17s though lol I keep trying not to crash hehehe


I was drained after the session I posted, every bit as much as after hitting it hard with the Chameleon! Though not having to worry about climbing 100+ foot trees is nice!

I’m sure you can catch up, I’ve seen you fly :smiley:


Ah! You beat my time by 1.5 secs! Time to hit the sim when I get home :joy:


Results with 3 days to go in the Race1 post.


Ill try to log in some faster times 2moro. 3 days left is crunch time


I tried really hard today to get a better best lap, (19:18 but no picture because i was frustrated it wasnt good enough.) how you got to 17s is beyond me. Lol i keep trying to fly without crashing to get that perfect lap time lol


I cut about a second off by being aggressive on the split-s and actually powering down to the bottom gate rather than letting it float.
Lining up for the tube was another second or close to it, and the rest was going full throttle from the pylon after the tube till after start/finish, and maybe 75% from there through the first gate.
It’s hard, took a while to get the whole thing :smiley:


TRYING TRYING TRYING!!! :smiley: hehehehe I edited my best laptime picture on post #8 for a new personal best lap time, and i guess best overall race time.

Finally hit the 18s lol im coming for ya @Bobnova ! :wink: today is the last day to submit times right?

I’ll try to get into the 17s by tonight…

ps your times for best race are pretty damn good. 19s on each lap basically? lol dammmm 0 crashes too, very consistent!


Yup, I thought I had posted a specific end-time, but if I did I can’t find it.

We’ll call it 23:59::59 PACIFIC TIME (GMT-7) 2018-07-24.
14 hours and a few minutes from now.


New fast lap, 17.598s

My hands and whole general world are shaking. Sheesh.


I can relate. Even though its not RL its still an adrenaline rush, especially when you are aiming for the fastest lap
and happen to get like a good overall race time lol It’s so cool… the worst that can happen in a simulator is you drop the transmitter lmao but a lanyard neck strap easily solves that problem…


Race one is over!

Thoughts on which track for race two?


Other trial track maybe. I still haven’t bought the full version… :sweat_smile: