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Cochroach Super-Durable Frames


Hi all, first post. Just picked up a rambo whoop package and was search around for extra frames to have on hand. I’m not a structural engineer but the cockroach frame, as explained, does appear to be a bit more structurally sound (durable) when compared to the original inductrix frame. Not a lot of info on it yet and didn’t find any hits when I searched these forums so thought I would share.

Ordered 2 will give my opinion after I’ve had some time to beat them up good and proper.


Nice! Design in the cockroach frame makes a lot more sense than the inductrix or e010 frame designs. I’ve a lot of e010s frames laying around, so won’t be buying new 6mm frames (would be nice if they have same design for 7mm motors), but it’ll be nice to know how better they are compared to the rest


Interesting find, @whisk3y_t4ng0h! :smiley:

If this Cockroach frame lives up to its bulletproof billing, it’s going to be a nice change. I assume these will be available from NewBeeDrone, since they did the YT review.

Open questions for me are weight and price, esp. in comparison to some of the newer ultralight 3D printed whoop frames. And, of course, with summer here, lowered interest in flying micro brushed quads indoors. :wink:



Motor size: 6mm (6-14)
Frame size: 65mm
Prop size: 31mm
Weight: 3.44g


$4 and 3.5g? Sounds like a winner to me (compared to Blade OEM). :slight_smile: