Cleanflight: stick inputs not appearing in receiver tab

Hey guys, im really new to this and im having trouble with cleanflight. Whenever i move my joysticks on y radio, they are not appearing in the receiver tab. Does anyone have any solutions?

Hi, welcome!

As a general rule first check if the transmitter is bound to the receiver, then check the physical connection of the receiver to the flightcontroller and finally check the protocol and port settings in the flight controller software.

To give a more detailed answer it would be helpful if you can describe your setup and parts and if it is a new build or if it has worked in the past.

Thanks for responding, I can confirm that the receiver is bound to the radio and that there is a connection from the receiver to the flight controller. Im using ppm by btw. As for my setup, its never been used before and Im using a sp f3 flight controller, flysky i6s radio, and an fs-IA6b receiver.

Are you certain that you have PPM selected for RX type on the Configuration Tab?

Also, have you tried with a battery connected?

Hi, iā€™m not very familiar with flysky but would recommend going with ibus instead of ppm, that has significantly lower latency.

I would recommend following along with this video :

that guy has the exact same setup as you and takes you through all the steps

I agree with Edwin about going ibus instead of PPM. ibus will also allow you to set a failsafe.

i do have ppm enabled in the config tab and i did try with a battery connected and still no luck,the main reason i went with ppm is because of its simplicity, if we can, id like to stick with ppm but it still isnt working then ill go with ibus

I followed the video and it working perefectly, thank you guys. Also, now that im going with ibus, is there anything special i need to do compared to ppm? Again, im still new to this lol

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Awesome, time to fly :slight_smile:

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Nope! All you need to do now is rip some packs! :sunglasses:

alightry thanks guys i really appreciate it

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