Choosing a charger for my LiHV batteries

So hey everyone!
I am now thinking about a new battery charger for my 1s packs. I know many of you prefer to use hitec x4 (or skyrc, or whatever), but it seems to be bulky for me and it is also quite pricey.
I found this thing
What do you think about it? Do you know some other options?

Just my opinion, but I would get something that could do multi cell charging too. I have had my imax b6 for I think close to 10 years now and it still works great. With a serial charger plug, you can do multi 1s batteries without issue. If you are going to be in the hobby a while and may expand to multi-cell builds, might as well pony up for that now. I got a legit one but clones can be had for under $30. Just something to consider.

edit: get one that has the USB port as I had to upgrade the firmware on my to charge LiHV

Oh, I forgot to mention that, I have an imax b6 (sadly, it doesn’t have an Usb) but I want something specific for charging 1s batteries

Not many LiHV options for 1s and I haven’t heard anything bad about that TBS option. Seems like you are on right track.

Or this
Both of these do HV 1s, Dronejunkie links because it’s easier for me, first one is only availabe there, other can be had easily elsewhere.

I like the first one because of the ability to charge 8 packs at the time, but it is a bit more expensive than TBS one. Do you think that this one is better than TBS?

I honestly couldn’t say, I know a lot of development went into the Dronejunkie one, I assume the same for TBS. Remember both can ONLY charge HV.

I know, I can use my imax b6 for non hv packs if I need it
I will consider both of this options (Dronejunkie and TBS), the final cost also depends on the shipping and taxes, so it is not so obvious choise.
Thank you for help

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Check out the ev peak e6, that’s the one I would get if I could get someone to buy my hitec x4 micro