Cheerson cx-10 with faster and bigger motors

Did somebody try to add bigger and faster motors to cheerson cx-10 board?

I bought 2 cheerson cx-10, I want to try to put on one of the boards custom frame and solder bigger battery, bigger motors and of course bigger props. Can this board handle bigger motor than the stock one?

I would like to hear some suggestions.

Not personally familiar with this board, tho the name is familiar.
Take a close up pic and repost, so we can identify the fets used, and get you some answers😊
You’ve come to the right place!
Worst case, you hack in some new bigger fets and rip it up

Thank you for your help here are the pictures. The board is pretty tiny, I hope you can read from it. Here are the links of both side from the board.

Ok, I’ll take a look @Nidzolino123
And there’s plenty of others here that I can call for back up too.

So I did just surface digging and came up with some possibilities.
I’m not a pro at this stuff but remember some stuff from a while back when boards weren’t as good as they are today and there weren’t so many different types. I hope this info helps you.

This is your fet:image

From the marking and this data sheet I believe it is a 4A fet:

I found multiple posts on rcgroups and a few here that reference those posts on changing them.
This had the best info:

Looks like there is a 9A fet with the same footprint that is a contender for what your looking to do:

have fun and and let us know how it went for you!

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Thank you for your time and research! :slight_smile: This is just my backup board I was curious if I can add a bigger motor without any bigger modifications on the board(I am not very good at soldering tiny stuff). For now, I did my research on Floureon h101/eachine h8s board and I will add 8520 motors on it I will post my build when I finish it. These cheerson boards are for future projects.Thank you again, this forum is amazing :slight_smile:

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